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What are the characteristics of Yoga Xiaobai? These 7 points are right and heartbreaking!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Everyone has experienced the little white stage of yoga, from knowing nothing before practice to falling in love with yoga gradually.

Today, Xiaobian shares 7 Yoga little white characteristics to see what you have experienced? 1.

All genres want to try yoga for the first time.

They think yoga is very fresh.

Each Yoga genre wants to try it again.

Of course, that’s right.

After trying, you can find a genre suitable for you, so try more and find your favorite genre! 2.

Can yoga lose weight? Xiaobai often asks the teacher, can yoga lose weight? This varies from person to person.

If you want to lose weight through yoga, you’d better choose to practice some strength yoga.

For example: Flow Yoga, soup, and properly join some physical training classes, so that the weight loss effect is better! 3.

I think sweating has the effect of weight loss.

Many Xiaobai who have just come into contact with yoga think that when they practice yoga, sweating is very cool, and they have the effect of weight loss.

In fact, sweating only expels some sweat and water from the body, and it does not have the effect of weight loss.


Practice yoga irregularly.

Practice regularly.

Some Jia people either can’t practice several times a month, but when they think of it on a whim, they can stay in the yoga studio all day, which is not good for their body.

Oh, practice must be gradual.


When you see the difficult asanas, you admire yoga.

Don’t compare the asanas, but take the difficult asanas as the driving force for your progress.

Please remember! There is no shortcut to yoga.

You must practice the basic asanas solidly, so that you can go further on the Yoga road! 6.

She doesn’t pay attention to her breathing.

Many Xiaobai have this experience.

She can’t keep up with the teacher’s password in class.

For Xiaobai, she doesn’t have to force herself to follow the teacher’s password.

Find your own rhythm first.

When you can’t keep up with your breathing, you can adjust yourself and slow down the rhythm.

Otherwise, you will feel that the more you practice, the more urgent you are, which is contrary to the original intention of practice.


I just want to be abused and don’t care about the posture.

Now everyone has an interesting phenomenon in yoga class! Everyone blindly pursues being abused and likes high intensity.

It seems that there is no fun without sweating.

To practice yoga, you should understand balance.

The original intention of yoga is to cultivate the mind and then cultivate the body.

Don’t forget the original heart.

After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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