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Simple and easy to wear Yoga Pants add fashionable color, stylish and stylish posture, fresh and special

Simple and easy to wear Yoga Pants add fashionable color, stylish and stylish posture, fresh and special.

In the matching process of yoga pants, the most important thing is to learn to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and understand your body proportion.

To grasp from the following angles, start with the analysis of body proportion.

If you look at the first picture carefully, I don’t know if you have noticed that the model’s shoulders are relatively wide and worn when the trapezius muscle is very developed, so the shoulder width will have the effect that the shoulder does not see the boundary, and the trapezius muscle is developed to shrug.

This problem is mainly to pay attention to the height problem.

People with broad shoulders do not have a strong aura, so matching with appropriate yoga pants may appear short, which may not be fat.

However, there is a key point here.

The high waist line is very important, that is, we try to change the height dividing line to 75cm wide, so that they will be tall and not fat.

In this aspect, it is also the problem of waist line, that is, the high waist line is also a way to improve the waist line.

The problem of being fat here is the waist line.

Because of this height, everyone’s waist circumference is different.

Only your waist circumference is not too wide, the width is not too much, or the ratio of waist circumference to chest circumference is about more than 3, then you can’t wear out, The whole person has no temperament, so in fact, as long as you wear it and make the high waist line comfortable at your height, you won’t be fat.

The second is the problem of self-cultivation.

We look at the model picture.

The waist of the model is thin, so it shows the narrow waist and abdomen.

Let’s look at the above picture.

The wrinkle design of the whole Yoga Pants makes the whole waist look so narrow, so the narrow waist will make the legs thick, and there is no waist line.

Here we should also pay attention to the problem.

The last is the length of the skirt.

Although the length of the skirt is not long, don’t waste time doing what you have to be super long to get fat.

Then I’ll mention the problem of wearing thin and temperament.

First, it depends on the style of clothes and what kind of style it is.

You can see the color of the above yoga pants, which is still blue.

Of course, if you like pure black very much, then one is blue, which is more suitable for you.

In addition, the color should not jump too much, which will play such a problem in color matching.

There is also the style.

You can see the collocation of this model.

His texture is still very good, because he has continued its neutral side.

You can also take a look at this model.

This person’s clothes feel a little like goods on the ground.

This style is the meaning of design in the goods on the ground.

Or you can look at this dress, even if it’s worn by others.

If we want to find the feeling of design, you should pay attention to it.

It looks comfortable, because there is a shoulder strap on the style, which is designed like that.

For the public, it is completely uncoordinated, not very neutral and uncoordinated.

Take a good look at how you do it.

This is our way to constantly improve ourselves.

If the things you design are popular in the street from time to time,..

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