The elegant and foreign Yoga trouser dress is free and easy, as beautiful as flowers, charming and exquisite

The elegant and foreign Yoga trouser dress is free and easy, as beautiful as flowers, charming and exquisite.

The matching of Yoga Pants really tests the personal sense of fashion.

Basically, a 50-50 skirt is good to wear alone, but the disharmony of the lower body really affects the overall matching.

Therefore, it is very important to match from the color, style, style and the proportion of the upper body and lower body.


The color of clothes is different, and the proportion is different.

Red + Black = dark green and white; Orange + white = light brown and black; Purple + Black = white, black; Green + white = flower green and black; Yellow + Purple = wine red and black 2.

On the basis of the above colors or similar colors, the matching of adjacent colors with the same color will have a sense of color collision, and the contrast color should be coordinated.

3 lower garments: stripe + grid = flower pattern can be the same color as clothes, can be the same main color as clothes, and stripes can be the same main color as clothes, with thickness; The problem to pay attention to when matching a sweater with a long skirt is the choice of color.

I personally suggest that neutral color is better.

This kind of color is generally suitable for matching clothes that are not too picky.

Light apricot, white, apricot, beige, white, light blue, beige, etc.

the above is mainly to make the matching look less embarrassing.


Ask yourself whether you want the upper body to be tall or thin, You can wear a high waist skirt if you want the upper body to look well proportioned.

Of course, if you have meat on your legs, you can wear a short skirt, otherwise you will look fat when you wear a high waist skirt.

In terms of color, red, orange and white, it mainly depends on your personal preference.

In terms of lower body, white short skirts and light blue short skirts are OK, Generally speaking, the colors in the leisure direction such as striped Plaid are the main ones.

I can’t help it when you ask.

Short skirts are more slim, and those that don’t fit are more ugly.

On the other hand, the Striped side is the opposite.

I’ll talk about the color of short skirts.

That’s all.

The above wearing style is about 1 lower body light color long skirt, which is suitable for people with thin or short legs, If the legs are long, don’t wear them.

People with fat upper body, such as flesh on the arms and thick neck, are not recommended.

Stripes are more casual.


The upper body is mainly red, which seems to be the feeling of big and long legs.

On the contrary, unless you really like it, it is not recommended to wear red Oh, 3.

It is more handsome to wear a long dress with a long dress, 4.

A long striped casual dress with a short sweater.

This is easier to understand.

Some people will like it, but some people don’t like it very much, But if you really like it, you can try it.

Try not to match high heels, because your low heels are too eye-catching.

Generally, you can match the middle tube, about 6.7 cm.

5 for girls with thick legs, if you wear a short skirt, you don’t want to see any slender legs.

Choose a heel of more than 9 cm, which is a little looser, but the height must not be less than 15 cm, otherwise it will be ugly.

If you wear high heels, you can try 7 cm.

Of course, it depends on your height.

You must buy one with a higher heel.

6 of course, in addition to this common matching method, In fact, the nine point A-shaped skirt is also very good-looking.

In this way, it’s best to show your tall little waist.

If your legs are thin, you can match them with shorts or skirts and blouses.

It won’t be too Niang.

Anyway, you can draw your legs longer.

This method is also divided into people.

Of course, fat people don’t try it and take the lovely route!..

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