Step by step entry method of yoga “one leg pigeon king style” (collection level)

One leg pigeon pose iiekapada rajakapotasana II, also known as one leg pigeon pose, is one of the common yoga poses.

It’s a deep back bend.

The maximum expansion of the chest makes the practitioner look like a pigeon.

Through the learning of this action, you can stretch the thighs, groins and psoas, abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck, stimulate the abdominal organs and open the shoulders and chest.

If you can’t do this pose yet, it is recommended to start with the following three hot body poses.

[one leg pigeon King warm-up] 1.

Benefits of low lunge: open the hip and hip flexors to help you learn how to keep the chest and upper back lifted in deep backward bending: kneel on the knee, put the right foot on the front brick, align the knee with the ankle, straighten the hip, extend the left leg backward, inhale, and raise both hands, Exhale backward, keep the chest and the back of the ribs lifted up and keep breathing for 8 times 2.

Benefits of collapse: expand the shoulders and chest, and stretch the quadriceps femoris.

What to do: start from Vajra, kneel on the knees, sit on the hips on the brick, put a yoga brick behind, stand up and lie back slowly, put the middle back on the Yoga brick, and extend the hands back for 1 minute 3.

Benefits of one leg wheel: expand the chest, shoulders, Open your groin and the back of your thighs to challenge your balance.

What to do: come to the wall, first push up the wheel pose, inhale your toes against the wall, lift one leg up, keep 8 breaths, and repeat [single leg pigeon King II entry method] on the other side ▼ step 1: low lunge, sink your hips, and lift your chest up ▼ step 2: bend your left leg, hold your left big toe back with your left hand, Palm up ▼ step 3: bend the left hand, elbow up, pull the heel close to the hip, and extend the right hand upward ▼ step 4: bend the right hand, grasp the back of the left foot, pull the palm close to the head, and extend the head backward and upward, or do you think it’s too difficult? It doesn’t matter.

You can also use walls, yoga belts and yoga chairs to assist in practice.

[single leg pigeon King II assisted entry method] ▼ type 1: use yoga belt to help grasp your feet ▼ type 2: use wall to help keep your legs in a curved position ▼ type 3: use yoga chair to help open your chest.

This is a complete tutorial.

Xiaobian will help you here! Practice hard, but don’t stick to the results.

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