The 7 asanas collected by yoga masters can help you reduce fat and shape, and the effect is too good to say

For beginners, how to correctly choose the way of fat reduction and shaping is the problem we want to solve most.

But don’t worry.

Today, Xiaomi teaches you 7 sets of Yoga shaping sequences.

They are full of dry goods.

It’s too timely! Yoga poses are rich and diverse.

“How to choose the right yoga” has always been a difficult problem for yoga beginners.

In fact, it is true that the seemingly simple postures are not simple.

Only by mastering the arrangement principles, choosing the postures suitable for you and avoiding those unnecessary useless work can you help yourself reduce fat and shape to the greatest extent and practice a beautiful body shape.

Generally speaking, the arrangement of yoga class is divided into many kinds.

For example, based on the type of posture, some yoga is divided into standing posture, sitting posture, kneeling posture and so on.

Some fuzzy postures are classified as excessive posture.

If you want to get rid of body fat, you must carry out targeted physical training.

This method is simple and convenient and suitable for the public.

In addition, we can also arrange and choose yoga classes according to the difficulty, intensity and course theme of postures.

Of course, no matter what kind of postures are from simple to difficult, from simple to deep.

While beginners are trying to find their own postures, yoga masters are also carefully selecting their own high-quality yoga courses.

As long as we make continuous efforts, we believe that our yoga can be better and better, and our body will become more outstanding and slim.

However, the arrangement and selection of yoga postures is also a professional knowledge.

It is impossible for us to do it in a short time.

Therefore, Xiaomi carefully selected 7 sets of Yoga shaping and fat reduction sequences for you today.

You will feel different changes in your body if you practice every day! Inclined plank: lie prone with your body forward, your head about an arm’s distance from the ground, your feet close together, your toes touch the ground, your legs straighten as far as possible, your thigh muscles tighten, support your body, put your arms under your body, open your five fingers, and the action lasts for 3-5 minutes.

Four column support: straighten your legs, push your heels back, flatten the knee socket as far as possible, form a line between the tiptoe heel, hip and head, retract and lift your abdomen, open your chest, bend your arms, support under your body, adjust your breathing, and stick to the action for about 3-5 breaths.

Side plank: press down the body, close the legs together, make a plank posture, shrink the abdominal retractor and tailbone at the same time, straighten the right arm and push it to the ground, lean over the body, push the right heel backward, lift the left arm upward according to the trend, and insist on doing it more times.

Downward dog pose: start from the position of lying on the ground, put your hands on both sides of your chest, slowly lift your arms upward, arch your body upward with the action, lift your hips high, keep your feet, hips and hands in an equilateral triangle, lower your head slightly, and keep the action for 3 minutes.

Single leg downward dog pose: start from downward dog pose, inhale, lift the left heel, and slowly lift the right leg backward and upward, straighten the toes, exhale slightly, lift the knee forward to touch the tip of the nose, raise the hips, and slightly move the arm forward than the head for 3-5 minutes.

Side angle stretching: move the body to the left and bend the left knee, keep the waist on both sides equally extended, inhale, keep the right hand close to the outside of the left knee, raise the right arm above the head, face the right arm, keep this pose for half a minute or 1 minute, and change the other side.

Warrior pose 2: keep standing in mountain pose, inhale, jump and separate your legs.

The distance between your legs is 120 ~ 135 cm.

Your feet are in a straight line.

Bend your left knee, lift your arms horizontally, parallel to the ground, palm down, and turn your head to the left.

The action lasts for 5-7 minutes.

Precautions: 1.

The movement is difficult to prevent injury.


Combined with your actual situation, remember not to have the psychology of comparison.

Everyone who practices yoga should understand that yoga is not a present enjoyment, but a solid foundation for having a good body in the future.

Only by learning to choose suitable yoga poses can we avoid detours.

This is also a necessary skill in the process of sports practice.

Hurry to move with Xiaomi and learn the above yoga poses, The shaping effect is absolutely not wrong# Guess you want to see # * 10 variants of yoga, flexible spine, strengthening back, core * yoga, shoulder opening is very important, and strengthening the stability of shoulder joint is more important! [Disclaimer: we respect the originality.

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