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Practice yoga, action is not necessary to do very “standard”?!

When practicing yoga, there is no need to do very standard movements.

The so-called standard is to choose the most suitable way to practice for your body, rather than the same fixed mode.

It should be noted that the redefinition of “non-standard” does not refer to practice mistakes, but refers to the failure to achieve the “standard perfect posture” in the eyes of the public.

For example, in Warrior 2 pose, the requirement of “standard perfect pose” is that the knees should be in the same direction as the toes, and the hips should be opened directly in front.

However, a beginner can only make the knees in the same direction as the toes, rather than practice mistakes.

What details should be paid attention to when practicing yoga for those who start to prepare for yoga or do not practice yoga for a long time? 01.

The standard of asana varies from person to person, and the standard of allogeneic asana varies from person to person, and everyone’s body structure is also slightly different.

Especially for those who have just come into contact with yoga, when their flexibility, balance ability and muscle strength have not met the requirements, there is no need to pursue each pose.

They must follow the standard.

But the most basic: positive position and tightening muscles, these two points still need attention! First, it can avoid unnecessary Yoga injury during practice.

Second, the essence of postural practice is comfortable and stable practice.


When practicing yoga, remember not to be eager for quick success and instant benefit.

Practicing yoga is not effective in the short term! It is the common experience of body and mind.

With the increase of practice time, you will find that yoga can not only strengthen your physique, but also stabilize your mood.

It is a kind of relaxation from inside to outside.

It can make you not worry about small things and trivial things.

When practicing yoga, don’t be eager for quick success and instant benefits.

Don’t set short-term goals for yourself.

Persistence in practice is the best return for the results! 03.

When practicing yoga, don’t ignore breathing.

We humans breathe more than 26000 times a day.

Breathing is the foundation of our survival.

However, when practicing yoga, many Jia people often ignore breathing.

When we practice yoga, we should abandon the obsession with the practice results and return to a simple, natural and stable breathing rhythm.

When we are truly aware of the beauty of breathing, it is like opening the inner shackles, which benefits our body, mind and brain! Being able to practice step by step is the best practice.

For people with structural limitations, it is meaningless to stop forcing them to do something.

For people with physical diseases, as long as they can do their best to avoid more pain, it is the best action.

When practicing yoga, you don’t have to do very standard movements.

It’s good to start with the asanas you can do.

Even if you just sit down and do the simplest breathing yoga, you should slowly and firmly insist on feeling the bloom of the flower of life in yoga practice ▼ teacher wechat ▼ ▼ select Yoga products in the lower left corner of the good class and good things in the near future..

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