Practice yoga. Have you done these 8 rituals?

In life, you need etiquette everywhere to practice yoga, but you also need etiquette to understand that these Yoga etiquette are a qualified yoga practitioner.


Entering the yoga studio 10 minutes in advance without being late for class is a respect for yourself and others.

Imagine that others have been sitting quietly preparing to adjust their breath, but you are late, which not only affects them, but also affects the continuity of teachers’ teaching.

2 Before entering the yoga room, don’t put your shoes randomly, whether in your own home or in someone else’s house.

Putting your shoes well is the best embodiment of a person’s cultivation, especially in the yoga hall.


The mobile phone adjusts the silent mode.

Yoga practice needs a quiet environment.

If the mobile phone keeps ringing during class, it will not only affect others, but also disturb the continuity of the teacher’s class.

4 Stay focused.

Many people look at their mobile phones for a while and even talk to each other sometimes during practice.

These all affect yoga practice.

In the whole process, you only need to listen to the teacher’s password carefully and do the asanas you can do.

If you can’t complete the difficult asanas, you can’t consult after class.

Don’t ask while practicing.


Don’t walk around to practice yoga when you adjust your breath or relax, It is to calm down the impetuous heart.

From breathing before class to the final big relaxation is as important as asana.

This is the ritual feeling of yoga.

Therefore, don’t ignore meditation and rest.


Restore AIDS after class if you use yoga bricks, stretching belts and other aids in class, return to the original place after the course to facilitate others to use in the next class.


Don’t practice yoga by comparing poses, don’t compare poses, do what you can do, and lay a good foundation.

Others also gain from practicing the difficult poses you see.

You just need to be yourself.

8 Thank you, teacher.

When you choose this class, no matter whether you like the teacher’s class style or not, please don’t leave in advance.

At the end of the class, put your hands together and sing “Namaste”-   Recommended -..

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