The beauty of Yoga lies in the infinite power generated from softness

In the yoga class, we are often reminded: treat our body gently.

With the continuous improvement of practice, we begin to become more and more tolerant of the body.

This beauty from yoga gives infinite power to the heart from softness.

We use the yoga posture to experience the energy of life, enjoy the stability of the body and the silence of breathing.

The soles of our feet are connected to the earth at the moment when we stand on the yoga mat, Palm across the sky, we create a new self, fearless self, fully accept the current self, no longer stop to look at life under the excuse of being busy, kiss loved ones and build a strong sense of connection with happiness, health and joy (yoga_in) after practice, the mind remains warm.

At this time, yoga has just begun.

We break free from the control of ego thoughts and let the shackles drift away.

We feel real freedom.

Take some time to establish a new habit of awareness.

Each inhalation and exhalation is deeper and longer.

Slowly put it down here, go back to the inner self’s home, trust peace, and gently release the inner healing tone of life It is our lifelong practice mission to purify consciousness, get inspiration, intuition and insight, experience the smooth breathing, take care of the heart, and lead us to integrity through poetic and picturesque yoga..

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