Yoga woman vs non Yoga woman, the difference is really great!

Yoga woman vs non Yoga woman how should I choose? Although it is exaggerated, in my eyes, there are two kinds of women in the world: women who love yoga and women who don’t love yoga.

I also found that most girls who love yoga are slim, elegant, light and dignified.

The following ten thousand compliments are omitted recently, Another foreign netizen deliberately made fun of the photo of imitating a female model, which also made everyone laugh, but felt that it could also be used to describe women who are yoga and women who are not yoga.

You see, the same thing is bathing, one is wet temptation, one is too hot, the other is by the bed, one is sexy and hot, the other is the same figure of aunt getting out of bed, one is provocative, the other is boring, the same thing is showing love, and the other is abusing a dog A abusive friend is also lying, a beauty is lying, an aunt is lying, a goddess is lying by the bath, a female nerve is taking a selfie in the same posture, a small Manyao, a bucket waist is in the same posture, a drunk one is lying on the sofa, a beauty is sleeping, and ge you is lying.

What is the difference between a yoga woman and a non Yoga woman? Now, let’s take you to feel 01.

When a woman thinks her face is big…

A woman who doesn’t Yoga: why don’t you get a face lift? But very afraid, very tangled Yoga woman: Yoga is a cosmetic knife, no matter how many words it is, “adhere to” Yoga! yoga! yoga! The vest line can be practiced for you.

Can’t you lose your face?! When women feel their waist is very thick…

Women who don’t Yoga: start dieting after this meal! Women who try yoga with some weight-loss pills: adjust their diet plan, refuse junk food, and start the yoga hall! Go to hell! 03 when women are taking selfie…

Women who don’t Yoga: Meitu XiuXiu, let’s go! Take a picture for one minute, P picture for half an hour! Yoga woman: P figure what ghost? You can see a large area with one shot! 04 when a woman gives birth to a child…

A woman who doesn’t Yoga: taking care of children, doing housework, busy, and out of shape is also a matter of no way.

A yoga woman: giving birth to a child is not an excuse to get fat! Yoga while taking care of children 05 when women cook…

Women who don’t Yoga: buy a piece of streaky pork with more oil and sauce tonight.

Stewed Dongpo meat is delicious! Yoga woman: pay attention to the balanced collocation of various vitamins, rich nutrition and delicious taste.

06 when you’re free at home after a busy day…

Women who don’t Yoga: watch TV, chase Korean dramas, eat snacks or a fried chicken beer and eat! Yoga woman: I don’t have time to go to the yoga hall today, and I can’t be lazy.

After the flat support, I listen to music, read books, rest early, and meet new challenges healthily and beautifully tomorrow! Actually, There is no difference between women’s yoga and non yoga every day, and the difference is very small every month.

Although the difference is obvious every year, it doesn’t seem to be great, but every five years, that is the huge difference between physical and mental state.

When you look at it again in 10 years, it may be an unattainable gap between one kind of life and another kind of life It is a kind of positive energy.

Every pain is a challenge to yourself.

In fact, yoga represents more a positive spirit of daring to challenge yourself.

With this spirit, I think all yoga girls are very beautiful! Long press to add friends experience is recommended..

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