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What is the most photogenic yoga pose you can do??

06 —   Feet close together, arms support, strong exercise wrist, arm, abdomen, full of power beauty, general families should not easily imitate.

05 ― lion style tongue exercise throat massage genetic tease ratio 04 ― bow type abdominal care during pregnancy, back care during yoga for baby’s happy treasure mother to feel happy baby 03 ― triangle stretching style is like parent-child clothes + parent-child Yoga + parent-child travel…

02 ― warrior three styles are quite tiring posture.

If you are not careful, bend your legs and arch your back.

If you bring a baby, it is a sweet burden, the perfect T word, Perfect warrior 01 tree tour, come to a yoga tree, simple and beautiful.

Like a big tree, try to stretch upward and feel the throbbing of the integration of the universe and nature in your body-   Recommendation – Yoga station breathing meditation reading life yoga long press the QR code to pay attention to me..

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