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What is the difference between the last 10 minutes of rest in yoga class and sleeping?

In yoga practice, some people compare the last ten minutes before the end of yoga class to the golden rest time in the world.

Do you agree? Usually after you finish a high-intensity / restorative yoga class, it is particularly easy to fall asleep in the last body spreading pose.

If you think that the rest technique is lying down and don’t want or can sleep, you don’t know yoga! Yoga rest is very different from sleeping! What is Yoga rest? Yoga rest is an art of ancient Indian yoga that can well relax body, mind, consciousness and muscles! It can help: drive away fatigue, relieve body and mind, improve energy, relax the whole body and so on.

In the correct practice of Yoga rest, yoga practitioners do not relax completely unconsciously, but use consciousness to control it, and can wake up from consciousness.

Yoga rest is an active conscious relaxation, while sleeping has no such conscious control.

If you feel comfortable, energetic and comfortable after every Yoga rest.

Congratulations, you have slowly entered the scene of Yoga rest! What should we pay attention to in a complete Yoga rest? 1.

Make sure the surrounding environment is comfortable, clean and quiet.


Be aware of your body and slowly relax from your feet to your head.


Feel the energy of the integration and connection between the body and the earth.


Control your thinking fluctuations through spiritual consciousness.


If conditions permit, play some light music you like.

During the next rest, please follow the guidance of your consciousness and try to relax your body and mind, Feel the energy connection between body and mind and the earth and the universe.

You will gradually like this feeling.

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