The beauty wearing yoga pants is “on fire”, and carefully selects the suitable version to show her domineering spirit

The beauty wearing yoga pants is “on fire”.

She carefully selects the suitable version to show her domineering spirit.

The matching of Yoga Pants refers to yoga pants.

This classic chic style has always been favored by contemporary women.

Little Dani, please start from childhood! Simple classic black-and-white yoga pants, waist closed to show the waist, V-neck to lengthen the neck.

A-line skirt is a more elegant skirt.

Choosing A-line yoga pants can not only show beautiful curves, but also long A-line yoga pants can help reflect women’s elegant temperament.

The advantage of a-length skirt is that it can modify the horizontal deficiency of the skirt and lengthen the visual effect of the skirt.

Among the skirts of the same length, it shows a thin waist.

In addition to the choice of color, the matching of tops is also very important.

Xiaodani suggests that you can match V-neck sweaters.

Light colored sweaters can be a very good base piece, especially in the early autumn season.

This light colored sweaters can not only inject a trace of fashion flavor in the early autumn into casual Yoga pants, but also bring an elegant atmosphere to yoga pants.

In addition to the A-shaped short shirt, the romantic design of the large-area Ruffle edge is also the most attractive to little Dani.

If you are matching clothes with slightly mature clothes in another style, you can choose this style of Ruffle knit shirt to make us look younger and more casual.

However, with light colored knitwear to decorate, the whole fresh temperament has increased a lot, but a sailor’s suit is set outside such a knitted vest, so the effect of reducing age is also powerful.

However, little Dani suggested that it should be matched with that stripe T, which is fresh and has a retro flavor.

Don’t worry about dressing up as the same style as the picture below, which has the effect of reducing age.

It’s a pity.

This kind of sweater is very suitable for the temperament of middle-aged and elderly people.

You can match the upper and lower clothes with different colors.

Try not to exceed three colors.

Or on the basis of the same color system, find fabrics of the same color system but different colors, so that in the color transition, the color matching will be more coordinated, so that you will not have an obvious sense of contrast and avoid an ugly sense of contrast.

In this way, yoga pants can be very stylish with a skirt or Leggings of yoga pants, but they will be loose, especially for girls with pear shaped body.

When choosing yoga pants, you should not only learn to wear and match, but also pay attention to what kind of Yoga Pants your body is suitable for.

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