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The bright and moving yoga pants are exciting, comfortable and elegant

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          The matching of yoga pants can be divided into three parts: one piece yoga pants, suspender yoga pants, dress skirt, etc.

1、 One piece Yoga Pants one piece yoga pants is a kind of yoga pants style with one skirt as the main design feature and close fitting design method to fit women’s waist.

① Fold wear collocation fold wear collocation is that the two yoga pants can be worn directly together.

Whether they are worn by themselves or with a coat, they can better show the curve of the figure; If you want to wear a three piece skirt design, you should match it with a loose cloth coat with large pockets, and the pockets of your pants should not be too large.

② Wear and match demonstration: as shown in the figure above, if a monochrome tight sweater coat is matched with a knitted yoga pants, there will be a great collocation conflict.

Is it very Niang to match such a loose and large pocket sweater with tight knitted clothes and leggings? What should we do in this situation? You can add a less loose sweater or skirt under your clothes.

Pay attention to the length above the knee.

③ Length selection: even if there is no particularly long version, one piece yoga pants can easily achieve the effect that the shorter the hem, the better.

As for your one piece yoga pants, it is acceptable to be close to the body to two or three centimeters on both sides of the hip.

If they are too short, the short jacket may be separated bit by bit and become a sling, This will also make the hem of the short skirt become large.

④ Golden ratio: the hem of the normal waist circumference of one-piece yoga pants should be near the lower leg or knee, so it is best to match the shoes with high heels.

If you want to get closer, you can wear a pair of shorter sneakers.

In addition, some shoes are generally close to the big toe or at the second finger, The point is to remember not to wear medium heels or one shoe is a little short.

2、 Suspender Yoga Pants suspender skirt is also called low breast skirt yoga pants.

It is a design style with a little low breast, mainly medium and low breast.

It also has this very low breast design.

One piece design.

If the skirt is very short, you can also use suspender skirt…

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