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The yoga pants with simple dress up look clean and wide, charming and cool

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          There are many ways to match yoga pants, one of which is particularly flexible, which can be completed or separated.

Of course, we are talking about the type that can support the overall modeling effect.

What kind of matching way will ordinary Yoga Pants meet high heels of the same color system? Now let’s take a look at what problems should we pay attention to when matching the same color system? Today we take yoga pants as an example, but high heels are the same.

Many mm like the collocation of the same color system, because it saves time, effort and looks good.

Today we’ll take a few items to see the collocation method of the same color system.

We generally use the collocation method of the same color system in our daily collocation to see if it’s very practical? We often use knitwear with wide leg jeans in our daily matching.

Generally, two colors are the best choice.

Let’s change the matching.

If dark pants are matched on the knitwear, it will look more clean and fashionable.

Black pants are matched on the knitwear, which is more mature, Visually whiter.

Knitwear with high waist seven point wide leg pants will give people a very refreshing feeling.

It is also very common in daily collocation.

In addition, it is matched with high-heeled shoes, which increases the highlight of high-heeled shoes and improves a grade.

Knitwear and dark jeans are warm in every way.

They are neither too casual nor the most eye-catching existence on the streets in summer.

If you want to highlight the most own color of summer, you can match them with high heels to make the finishing point.

Knitted cardigan with flared pants is very practical and durable.

I believe many mm like this kind of wear.

Next, we can replace it with dark jeans.

If you want to highlight the retro style, you can match it with long knitted cardigan.

When it comes to Xiangao, I immediately think of the effect of a pair of high-heeled shoes, which can make you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes immediately.

The shoes with a word belt can be said to be a necessary item for people.

They are very practical in daily collocation, and the key is that they are still very comfortable…

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