The mainstream trend of sports series, white yoga pants are no inferior, and the upper body effect is clear at a glance

The mainstream trend of sports series, white yoga pants are no inferior, and the upper body effect is clear at a glance.

The collocation of yoga pants is the most common in girls’ skirt collocation.

Because it is suitable for everyone, each basic color yoga pants is worth mentioning separately as a single product.

Whether your skin color is dark gray, coffee, dark blue, wheat, gray, black, etc., you can find a piece suitable for you here.

Today, I sorted out some classic yoga pants for your reference.

The colors of several Yoga Pants suitable for Asians must refer to the following purchase channels.

Black and coffee: the design must keep up with personal hobbies and styles.

The color based black and coffee are suitable for leisure and girls.

Tmall, 1688 and other places with good discounts are recommended.

If you buy, you should choose clear color blocks.

You can try yellow, pink, light blue and other colors.

Light gray with good personal style will not make you feel abrupt as a whole.

Ordinary people can consider this color, which is safe, non cumbersome and clean.

For gray matching, it is recommended to choose a skirt with a hard texture, which will be more lively as a whole, so that the style matching can be unified.

The common 2 ~ 3 colors can be matched easily.

Don’t buy one with a sense of design.

You can consider the style of partial Korean style.

The combination of white and light yellow is particularly suitable.

If you like maturity, you can consider the combination of white + lower garment.

It’s best that the lower garment is a harder style.

The dark yellow collocation method is the same as the light yellow collocation method, but if you like the feeling of powder, you can also consider it.

3 ~ 4 colors are relatively simple.

Medium white color matching will give people a lively feeling.

If you are more mature and don’t like too hot, you might as well try the same color matching, that is, take a simple and fashionable route.

Having said so much, it should be clear how to buy.

Add up the mainstream color yoga pants on the market, and choose those that are suitable for their own style and have different styles, but the overall style is the same.

The rest have the opportunity to wear them again.

In addition, Asians are still very suitable for white + light yellow.

You can try lighter yellow.

In the process of improvement, it is not recommended to wear black, dark blue, white and dark green in summer, which are dull and have a little negative energy.

The following sets are super error prone and less obvious colors.

The recommended price range of spring and summer suits from May to September: 30 ~ 350 is suitable for the South and you can try it if you like.

You can go on some or special holidays.

You must try more.

September 9 the latest matching and black-and-white Yoga Pants recommend that the popular color this year should be super white.

It is not recommended that dark pieces such as white and cold Brown be matched with mature striped skirts and ruffles, which will look old-fashioned, such as those sought after by the Post-70s and post-80s.

However, if you wear long wide leg pants, you will improve your temperament and make people look more advanced.

Then both denim, canvas, flip flops and other casual pattern items can be combined with white + yellow, and the effect is good.

This year, the pink tone is still very popular.

It can be matched with black and white, but if you choose the a-word version, it will be a little fat…

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