[zero Yoga] the sixth anniversary of zero Yoga space has begun, and the preferential activity is only once a year!

[zero Yoga space, welcome to experience the course for free!] address: floor 3, building A2, Guangyi garden, Tian’an South Road (about 15 meters from the gate of the Bank of China) Tel: 13788824023 (wechat) Mr.

Gao, click the blue words of zero Yoga space above, You can easily pay attention to us — the concept of zero Yoga space      We follow the traditional yoga practice very much, but in order to eliminate the mystery and distance brought by yoga at the beginning, we integrate the modern scientific movement mode to create a yoga style and life that can be understood and accepted by everyone and conforms to the modern temperament.

      Traditional yoga, light exercise, safety, science, efficiency, health and fashion are the new positioning of zero Yoga space, breaking the original pattern and making the practice environment more concise and comfortable; The curriculum is more modern, safer, scientific and professional, and has a more standardized curriculum system quality.

     What we spread is a healthy way of exercise, an attitude and habit of life.

Starting from the long-term development of practice, zero Yoga space, in line with the altruistic vision, makes yoga a daily exercise that everyone likes, and beautiful things can accompany you all your life like yoga.

I hope you can find health and happiness in the big family of zero Yoga space Find life and a new self.

Lu Yao knows the horsepower…

– if he had no strength, he would have been out long ago – if he was not professional, he would have stopped doing it long ago – if he was a liar, he would have disappeared long ago – what he can do now is reliable      With years of practice, the partners of zero Yoga space become more and more comprehensive, more and more stable, more and more professional, more and more in-depth, more and more refined and closer       For us girls, the most important part is to have a good figure.

If you feel that running is boring, dieting and losing weight does not hurt your body…

Welcome to join the team of zero Yoga space practice to start yoga practice.

Believe me, yoga practice is one of the most suitable ways of exercise and Practice in our life.

In 2021, another year, zero Yoga space is 6 years old.

The 6th anniversary, 2190 days, 52560 hours…

From the perspective of time, she is really young, but this young woman carries our common good bits and pieces.

She knows each other all the way.

Too many words of thanks are no longer said.

The welfare launched is the best gift of zero Yoga space.

Activity 1: big class annual card, biennial card: the original price is 7320 yuan, and the anniversary is 4566 yuan (the top five give one advanced yoga mat in the yoga Museum) annual card: the original price is 3660 yuan, the current price is 2850 yuan (the top six give two promotion classes) 50 times, and the card is 2250 yuan for 10 times (valid for one year)   Activity 2: one-on-one VIP private education ★★ 3660 yuan annual card will be given for 100 private education, 23900 yuan (only 3 people, one advanced yoga mat in the yoga Museum) 3660 yuan annual card will be given for 55 private education, 14300 yuan (only 6 people, one set of designated yoga clothes or one advanced yoga mat in the yoga Museum) 1200 yuan season card will be given for 30 private education, and the current price is 8300 yuan (limited to 6 people, the top three will send a set of designated yoga clothes)                  Activity 3: intensive promotion of small classes: 10 classes, 1500 yuan, 20 classes, 2600 yuan, 2 classes (one set of designated yoga clothes for two people) 30 classes, 3600 yuan, 3 classes (one set of designated yoga clothes for two people) time: 3:15 p.m.

every Wednesday and Saturday number: try not to exceed 4 people in a class, and make an appointment in advance.

  The above activities will end on November 6, 2021.

In order to ensure the sound operation of the museum, after the anniversary activities, the card prices will be slightly increased.

The courses offered in the Museum: various yoga courses will be offered in zero Yoga space.

The major courses are mainly divided into several sections:     Traditional yoga courses (basic introduction, traditional Hatha, flow yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, iyenga)     Featured theme courses (chair assisted courses, ball courses, shoulder and neck physiotherapy, shoulder chest circulation, spine alignment, lumbar and abdominal activation, pelvic repair, hip activation…)      All courses are advanced from zero basis to step-by-step practice…

Characteristic boutique small class courses and intensive improvement small class courses: (accurate and targeted practice)     Including yoga for pregnant women and postpartum rehabilitation     Including physical therapy courses, posture adjustment, pain rehabilitation and physical therapy                        Including Weimi sculpture class     Including parent-child courses     Including women’s resistance, weight loss and shaping…

One-on-one private education course (seriously) : rehabilitation physiotherapy: shoulder, neck, waist, knee and other joint pain, physical and sub-health posture adjustment: improve thumb valgus and O-leg x-leg caused by flat foot and high foot arch; pelvic high and low inclination and false hip width; high and low shoulders caused by scoliosis; chest hump, round shoulder neck forward lead, posture adjustment of young children…

Postpartum golden private repair (pelvic floor muscle weakness, urine leakage, lumbosacral pain, low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, mother’s hand, pubic symphysis pain, rectus abdominis separation…) Problem, postpartum pain, Weimi body carving, aerobic fat burning course, women’s resistance and small equipment shaping and slimming: formulate individual shaping exercise plans and diet plans according to different body shapes, specifically solve the problems of hips, legs, waist, abdomen, back, shoulder and chest, create the overall proportion of women’s shaping and improve their temperament.

“Private education” is a “small class” used to solve problems It is a “big class” for promotion.

It is used to maintain the daily training.

Everyone has different needs and choices.

Choose a major, choose zero Yoga space and be responsible for themselves   The way adults vent is no longer changing their avatars   Change your signature and send it to the circle of friends   Instead, change your mind and take action immediately to build a beautiful body.

Sneak counter attack to impress everyone.

Take advantage of the annual anniversary celebration to give yourself a chance to change completely.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = On the way, everyone is busy meeting all kinds of people, thinking that this is enriching life.

But the most valuable meeting is to travel around the world, but also to find a way back to your heart.

Some roads, walk with your feet, some roads, walk with your heart.

Take the chosen Road, don’t choose the easy road, you can have your real self…

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