This Kundalini Yoga sequence is most suitable for women to practice and has many benefits

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that helps guide and strengthen our energy and change our lives.

By activating and strengthening the lower plexus and the area under the navel, it stimulates our digestive organs and transports life energy to the heart, making us feel more stable.

This is especially useful when we face unknown challenges and fears.

Today I’d like to introduce a Kundalini Yoga sequence, which can relieve stress and stretch specific organs of the body.

According to Kundalini’s theory, the morning practice effect of this asana sequence will be better, and the practice of asana starts with singing “ongnamo guru devnamo”, and each of the following postures should be maintained for at least 30-60 seconds.

Advantages of sitting and standing spine movement: release the tension of the middle and upper back.

It can also maintain the flow of spinal fluid and stimulate Kundalini energy throughout the spine.

Sit on your heels.

Inhale, bend the spine forward, align the shoulder blades, and then exhale to push the spine back.

You can close your eyes or open them.

Finally, inhale, pull the lock for a few seconds, and then exhale.

Practice for 2 to 3 minutes.

Advantages of sitting and standing forward bending: this posture can well stretch the vital nerve.

It starts at the heel, passes through the sciatic nerve, and then runs through the whole back (lower, middle and upper back).

Sit on your right heel and extend your left leg forward.

Move the chest to the left thigh and hold for 2 or 3 minutes.

Then change your legs.

You can also keep your legs straight forward.

Two or three times on each side.

Camel benefit: this posture stimulates the reproductive organs.

Kneel down, tighten your glutes and put your palms up on your back (kidney area).

Next, push your hips forward and tilt your head back.

You can stay here or put your hand on your heel.

Push your hips forward.

Keep breathing evenly.

Advantages of shoulder handstand: this position stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

It can also release the pressure of many organs.

lie supine.

Put your legs over your head and your hands on your back to support your body.

Keep your body in line with the floor.

Stare at your chest and breathe evenly.

Benefits of lunge variant: This is the most suitable yoga pose for women.

It can stretch the front muscles and open the hips.

Stand with your right leg bent forward, your left leg straight, and your heel off the ground.

Extend your right arm forward as if you were shooting an arrow.

The thumb of the right hand is backward, the left arm is bent backward, and the elbow is parallel to the ground.

You should feel the stretch in your chest.

Hold this position.

Baby benefits: This is an excellent position to relax.

It facilitates digestion and brings Kundalini energy from lower areas to higher areas.

Sit on your heels, bend forward and touch your forehead to the ground.

Put your arms on your side with your palms up.

You can also extend your arms forward with your palms down.

Benefits of bow pose: this pose opens the rib cage and expands the lungs.

It is a good pose for those who want to straighten the bent spine.

Lie on your stomach, bend your knees and grasp your ankles.

Lift the trunk up.

Tilt your head back and lift your legs.

Keep breathing deeply and long.

Benefits of locust pose: this pose can enhance the strength and flexibility of the spine, especially in the middle and upper parts of the spine.

It can also relieve irregular menstruation, cramps and backache.

Correct poor posture and improve the function of liver and spleen.


Put your hand in the groin area with your fist.

Chin on the ground.

Next, raise your legs and hold them.

Keep breathing deeply.

Cat / cow benefits: cat and cow can release the tension in the lower, middle and upper back.

This is a great exercise to maintain spinal fluid and Kundalini movement.

Prepare for the four legged kneeling position.

Raise your head, inhale, and bend your spine down.


Then exhale, arch the spine and hold it again.

Supine stretching benefits: this position balances all chakras, including the umbilical chakra.

lie supine.

Raise your head and legs 6 inches.

Hold for 3 minutes.

Supine relax.

Supine relax for 1 minute…

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