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When practicing yoga, 90% of people ignore the stretching of this part, which is actually very important!

Check Yoga knowledge and practice yoga every day.

We often say that stretching is very important, but one part is very secret.

We seldom stretch at ordinary times, that is our [armpit].

Armpits, commonly known as “armpits”, are distributed with nerves, blood vessels and lymph node groups that dominate the upper limbs, collecting the lymph of the chest wall and the superficial layer of the back of the upper limbs.

They are called “three health special zones of the human body” in traditional Chinese medicine (the other two are between the fingers and the back and the navel).

What harm will axillary lymph stasis do to the body? 1, may cause chest lobular hyperplasia, breast hyperplasia, serious may also appear breast cancer 2, affect the arm six meridians detoxification, such as: large intestine meridian, small intestine meridian, pericardial meridian, triple energizer, lung meridian, pericardial meridian, heart meridian.


It causes fat accumulation in the upper limbs and arms.


It causes shoulder and neck discomfort due to blockage of shoulder and neck meridians.

Today, Xiaobian has compiled a set of Yoga sequence, which can be well stretched to the armpits.

Female friends suggest to practice often! 01.

Sit and stand side stretch, simply sit and stand on the cushion surface, put your left hand on the side of your left hip, inhale, gently push the ground with your left hand, bend your right hand to the left side, keep 8 breaths and change sides, feel the stretch of your side waist and armpit 02.

The crescent style exits from simple sitting, first transition to downward dog style, step your right leg forward into crescent style, inhale and extend your spine with your left knee on the ground, exhale, hold your hands up for 5 breaths and then change sides 03 In the latch type, withdraw from the crescent type, kneel on both knees, turn to the front, kneel on the right knee, straighten the left leg to the side, hook the toes back, pay attention, keep the right thigh perpendicular to the ground, inhale and prepare to exhale, extend the right hand upward, slowly bend sideways, feel the stretch of the side waist and armpit, and change sides after 5 breaths 04.

In the downward dog type, withdraw from the latch type, enter the downward dog type, straighten both knees and stay for 5 breath05 The soldier steps forward with his right leg in the dog pose, enters the soldier, pays attention to the straightening of his hips, inhales, raises his arms and exhales, lengthens his spine, stretches his side waist for five breaths, and changes to the opposite side for practice 06.

Soldier 2 exits from Soldier 1, enters soldier 2, holds his hands flat on both sides, and maintains five breaths 07.

The side angle extension exits from soldier 2, After entering the side angle stretching, focus on the stretching of the side waist and armpits and maintain 5 breaths, change to the opposite side exercise 08.

Exit the triangular stretching from the side angle, enter the triangular stretching, pay attention to the activation of the foundation of both legs, open the chest and maintain 5 breaths, change to the opposite side exercise 09.

Sit and stand with one leg head touching the knee, and enter the one leg head touching the knee twisting left leg bending, Straighten the right leg, hook the toes back, inhale, lengthen the spine, exhale, grasp the right toe with both hands, cooperate with breathing, deepen the side waist stretching and the opening of the armpit, maintain 10 breaths, change the opposite side to practice 10.

Dabei pose, and finally enter the Dabei pose for adjustment for 1 minute.

For women, it is recommended to add more postures of extending the side waist and opening the armpit to practice yoga at ordinary times, which is beneficial to breast health-  .

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