This yoga school has taught the most goddesses, including Song Meiling

What will happen if you keep practicing yoga? Xiaojia, a zero foundation beginner, has the most say in this problem.

Her experience can also help many people who intend to practice yoga bypass some big pits.

The following is her autobiography: at the age of 32, my body had some problems, the hormone level showed the characteristics of premature aging, the whole face collapsed, I didn’t have spirit to do anything, and my state was very poor.

While recuperating, the doctor told me to exercise more at ordinary times.

Although he nodded obediently in front of the doctor, he didn’t think exercise could help much.

After all, his body had problems.

Until one day, my good friend pushed me an article.

The article probably tells us that Song Meiling was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was 40 years old, and had a relapse after surgery.

Later, she recuperated through yoga, yoga fasting and other methods until she died at the age of 106.

Even doctors are surprised that it is a miracle that they can maintain an elegant and slender appearance at the age of 100.

Until that moment, yoga really aroused my curiosity.

Does yoga really have such a magical effect? Is it suitable for my zero based Xiaobai? Because in my impression, yoga is some difficult postures, which was the sport of the royal nobility in the past.

I never thought Yoga would have anything to do with me.

Even every time I pass the yoga studio, I feel scared.

With my stiff muscles and bones, let alone backward bending and peacock style, I can’t even touch the ground when I bend down.

With such physical conditions, it’s really hard to have the courage to practice yoga.

I always feel that I can’t learn, unsuitable and humiliating.

Therefore, although there was a faint curiosity and impulse in my heart, I didn’t take action.

Later, my good friend couldn’t see it and told me a story.

She said that she once met a person with a disability in her left leg and insisted on practicing yoga every day.

Because of the innate conditions of the body, he can’t do many simple postures.

But every time he practiced, he would feel happy from his heart.

He is not limited by external conditions, nor does he force the body to do anything.

But in practice day after day, he felt that he had a deeper connection and dialogue with the defective leg.

He said yoga completed his life.

This story also dispels my deep misunderstanding of yoga.

Yoga is first guided by the nervous system, and Asana is only a small part of yoga.

Asana is just a tool to help us reach a higher level.

It also combines breathing, meditation and other ways to adjust the internal circulation of the whole person and achieve the effect of physical and mental harmony.

As the author of the heart of Yoga said: the achievement of yoga is not based on the ability to do asanas, but to what extent it has positively changed your life and affected your relationship with others.

It is fair.

Even if your body is born with poor conditions, it does not prevent you from obtaining physical and mental energy.

It will not give up anyone who seeks transformation.

You can choose yoga that pays more attention to the spiritual level, such as Kundalini Yoga I practice.

It has no special requirements for postures.

It is oriented by linking the body and internal energy.

Kundalini Yoga directly refers to the essence of yoga, which is to activate the spiritual spark hidden in everyone.

Kundalini’s original meaning in Sanskrit is spirituality.

Indian Yoga believes that it is a tangible vitality, entrenched in the position of the caudal vertebrae, that is, the area of the undersea wheel.

But it has fallen into a state of deep sleep since we were born.

Kundalini Yoga is the energy that helps us awaken this part of deep sleep.

It opens the awareness of the body and releases the great energy of sleeping in the body through breathing, meditation, singing, asana and other forms.

However, the difficulty of Kundalini Yoga is not in practice, but in finding a teacher.

Because I’ve seen many yoga practitioners pull themselves on the Internet before.

This is because the teacher has no accurate judgment and helps the students use their bodies correctly.

For Kundalini Yoga, the role of teachers is more important.

Because it is directly linked to the energy at the spiritual level, an excellent teacher must first have pure and high-dimensional energy, and be able to accurately judge the energy level of each student and make one-to-one guidance.

Later, through discussion with some professional yoga practitioners, they recommended teacher saki’s class.

I went to the open class taught by Mr.

saki first.

After listening, I really felt impressed.

I deeply realized that I had too little understanding of the body and the inside.

In class, Mr.

saki took us to do some simple exercises and body links.

I was surprised that my body still had this part.

It turned out that I could do so.

In that class, I was amazed at my ignorance and my teacher’s amazing control.

Although across the screen, I feel that Mr.

saki knows my body better than me and points out my problems one by one.

So later, I naturally signed up for the teacher’s formal course.

Generally, the formal courses of teachers are about 14 days.

During the 14 days of concentrated practice, I know myself again.

Those bodies and lost hearts that I have neglected for a long time continue to return to my consciousness in meditation and chanting.

At that moment, I also realized why my body had problems.

Like a couple who don’t communicate, although they sleep together every day, they are already strangers.

And the relationship between body and mind is the same.

If we don’t always maintain our connection with ourselves, we won’t realize what’s happening in our body.

No wonder Song Meiling’s yoga teacher, “the first lady of yoga”, said: people all know that yoga can improve the body, but we should not wait until the body is bad to learn, but start when we are healthy.

After 14 days of practice, I fell in love with the feeling of lightness, freedom and overall control.

After that, I would spare about 30 minutes to practice yoga every day.

Later, when Mr.

saki opened a new class, he had many classes again and again.

About half a year later, I went to the hospital for examination.

The hormone level has returned to normal, even younger.

The face and body exude an upward, clear and sunny texture.

Moreover, I found that there were more friends around me, surrounded by a group of like-minded friends who made progress towards a better life.

Now looking back, I find that the most difficult step is to go out.

So I am especially grateful to the friend who helped me eliminate all my concerns and insisted on letting me go into yoga.

If you are also in a difficult and wait-and-see state, you might as well be bold and give yourself more opportunities to choose.

Xiaojia’s story actually reflects the real life of many of us.

Change is much more than suffering.

We will imagine many “non-existent” difficulties in our minds.

Like Xiaojia, many friends who hold a wait-and-see attitude towards yoga are afraid of “difficult posture” and “unable to learn”.

But as long as you choose your own yoga, follow the teacher and take that step, the rest of life will naturally take you to where you want to go.

Everything depends on whether you want it or not.

And now, there is an opportunity in front of you, waving to you.

Saki teacher’s new yoga practice class – you will be as light and powerful as the wind.

The 14 day yoga practice class will start soon.


Sakhi is a private teacher of Mr.

Zhang defen and a senior practitioner of Kundalini Yoga.

After a meeting in Yunnan, teacher defen was deeply impressed by the internal powerful energy of Kundalini Yoga and saki.

Therefore, he strongly invited Mr.

saki to settle in Zhang defen’s space, so that everyone can also feel the wonderful experience of soul being washed away.

Since cooperating with Zhang defen, saki has led more than 10000 students into the world of yoga to help them open their internal potential and clean up deep limitations and wounds..

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