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Yoga for three years, what happened to you in these three years|| Listen to yoga

/NO.82 (click to learn audio) listen to yoga 82|Carrie| listen to many yoga people follow our official account, the punch card group has been learning to practice, many people are busy with their life and work, and daily attendance time for yoga practice.

After all these years, how’s your yoga practice going? A insists on 10-90 minutes of yoga practice every morning, B gradually fails to insist on yoga, but often reads the official account of yoga C fragmentation time exercise.

In a few minutes, it also finds a yoga studio or a private teacher to follow the teacher for a long time in a few minutes.

No matter what your choice is, please seriously vote for yourself.

If you feel the significance of persistence, of course, it’s good.

If you don’t have yoga in recent years, don’t lose heart.

Yoga is a lifelong thing.

Some people leave halfway for a few years and continue for a lifetime.

Many people haven’t touched yoga in their life after five years.

Yoga is just for ourselves, for your healthy body and young posture, It’s never too late to start.

As long as you don’t set limits on yourself, yoga can be a lifelong thing.

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