Volume 10 of yogi’s land theory n there are seven of the three places in the local division (4)

Ask arhat how many branches are broken.

Answer everything in the three realms.

Repeat in that Sutra.

It originated from several kinds of reasoning.

There are six kinds of truth in the theory of predicate and abbreviation.

One by one.

Second, the reverse order theory.

Three by one branch.

Four by a branch.

Five by black.

Six by Bai pin said.

Ask if the Buddha said that the origin is deep.

This is very profound.

Clouds should know.

The answer consists of ten phases.

We should know that the origin is very profound.

It is called according to impermanence.

Bitter righteousness.

Empty meaning.

No self righteousness.

There is no regular meaning.

It is said to be born from seeds.

Also treat him.

From him again.

Also waiting for self seed.

From the seed and from him.

And the kind and cause of trouble.

Nothing is useless.

No operation.

It also restores this two factor function.

No, No.

There are branches.

Although there is no beginning, its relative achievements.

But in a flash, the new phase changed.

And although the origin branch suddenly went out.

However, it seems to stop moving.

According to bitter righteousness.

It is called origin branch.

Blindly bitter and like three kinds of appearance.

According to empty righteousness.

It is called origin branch.

Although from the sentient author, the recipient.

However, it seems inseparable.

Show and say.

According to no self righteousness.

It is called origin branch.

Although uncomfortable, there is no me.

However, it seems that I appear.

According to the meaning of victory.

Although the self nature of all dharmas cannot be said.

In other words, the self nature of all laws can be said.

How much wisdom should the question originate from.

Answer two.

It is said that wisdom resides in law.

And true intelligence.

How can clouds live in wisdom.

It is said that it is like Buddha’s enlightenment.

Know without falling.

Why is the cloud true wisdom.

It is said that the view of learning and seeing traces is very profound.

Ask as the Buddha said.

Is the origin.

Neither I nor I do.

So what.

If Buddha is born.

If not born.

Live in the Dharma Realm.

The cloud is not legal.

How can clouds live.

Cloud he FA Jie.

The answer is origin.

There is no beginning.

The achievement of theory is the nature of name and law.

Such as achievement.

Set up with no inverted sentences.

It’s a name.

Therefore, the Dharma is based on the Dharma.

Therefore, it is called the Dharma Realm.

Questions are like scriptures.

Life is like nothing.


Life has its.

If all kinds of life are not there.

Life and death.

Should not be available.

Why is it said that the self nature is due to the self nature.

Answer according to the theory of seed and fruit.

It means knowledge and even support.

It’s a raw seed.

Righteousness makes a living.

There is a reason.

The latter is the fruit branch.

Fame is predestined.

If it is the remaining branch.

As the Scripture says.

Do what you want.

Know it.

Q has said that all branches and non branches are more related to each other.

Why establish the relationship between name, color and knowledge.

Answer in the present law.

For the sake of name and color.

The name and color are repeated in the later method.

For the sake of knowledge.

So what.

In the mother’s abdomen.

When there is a continuation.

Say for each other’s sake.

From knowledge to fate.

In the mother’s abdomen.

The blood color of the essence.

Name of the subject.

And combine to form Capricorn blue.

That is, the name and color is the edge.

So that he can live here.

Why did the Bodhisattva observe black goods.

Only to the knowledge branch.

Its meaning has changed.

Not to the rest.

A: the two branches are more related to each other.

If you know the name and color.

If it is name and color, it is also fate.

Therefore, the view of the mind to the knowledge to return.

In the remaining branches.

Nothing makes sense.

In this place.

Show more mutual reason.

Hence the name.

In the returned product.

Fame and color are not the cause of knowledge but also extinction.

Therefore, it is necessary to repeat the observation.

Ask why it is said that the origin is not self-made.

He didn’t do it.

Not all.

Not without cause.

Answer: the living is not for a reason.

The edge has no effect, so.

Because of the edge force.

Ask in the origin.

What a bitter bud.

Who keeps bitter buds.

What a bitter tree.

Answer: the knowledge and even suffering caused by Ming Xingyuan are bitter buds.

Love by fate.

There are even bitter buds.

Life and death.

When you know it’s a bitter tree.

Ask a few questions about the origin, and you should know as much as you can.

Answer and even receive.

Ask a few such as ointment.

Answer yuan Mingxing.

Love has.

Ask a few questions.

Answer: life and death should be known.

Ask why.

Originated in the black education.

Name gain.

Answer: all pure and great suffering is the consequence.

They also have a front edge.

It follows.

Ask why.

In Bai Pinjiao.

Say name loss.

The answer is to support the former forever and reduce the latter.

It is also the cause of pure bitter accumulation and loss reduction.

Ask a few reasons for the name.

The answer is the top seven.

Ask a few reasons why the name is bitter.

Answer the remaining five.

Ask how many sticks are missing.

Answer three.

Ask how many branches are extinguished by fate.

The answer is that these three are due to the remaining branches.

Ask how many branches are affected.

Answer one.

It is said that the trouble has been broken.

When it goes out.

All this is affected.

All die forever.

Ask why.

Stop at the beginning.

Establish seventy-seven wisdom.

The answer is obvious because of miscellaneous infection and wisdom.

And then it becomes the miscellaneous dyeing wisdom made by self continuation.

Again, the branches of the anterior border have no beginning.

It also shows that the branches of the posterior border contain miscellaneous contamination and destroy righteousness.

Again, it is not photographed by the explicit branch.

There are leaky wisdom and know righteousness all over the world.

One by one.

All seven wisdom.

When you know, there is always seventy-seven wisdom.

Ask why.

In origin.

Build up the wisdom.

The answer is to observe the truth according to the four holy truths.

Therefore, there is always forty-four wisdom.

Repeat if you want to live in the world.

According to desire.

Cause the upper ground to be like eyes and ears.

From this, we can see and hear all the colors and sounds from the ground to the ground.


Three realms of meaning and non meaning.

And now.

If chromogenic colorless boundary.

Except under it.

Everything is now.

As in the desire world.

Repeat these three miscellaneous stains.

It’s called trouble.

Industry miscellaneous dyeing.

Mixed dye.

In order to break it.

Cultivate six views.

You should know how six.

It is called thinking about the present.

Believe in the present view.

Quit being present.

Present wisdom means present view.

The present view is the wisdom of the present view.

The present situation.

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