Yoga sitting angle progress is too slow? Try these more intense angle sitting exercises

I saw a group of trends sent by Wang Shi’s wife, noble lady Tian pujun and miss Tian on the Internet.

It turned out that Miss Tian, the aristocrat, likes the angle sitting style as much as we do.

She has to consume the posture as we do, and start from scratch step by step.

From this point of view, sports is the most fair.

No matter you are an aristocrat or a civilian, a beautiful swan or an ugly duckling, as long as you are willing to pay, you can get a return and live up to every drop of sweat and pay.

This dynamic picture is composed of three pictures, which shows the advanced process of Miss Tian’s practice of sitting angle.

In the last picture, Miss Tian tied a small sandbag to each ankle.

We know that the wall supine sitting angle is to open the hip joint through the weight of the earth’s gravity.

Tying a sandbag to the ankle is equivalent to increasing the weight.

We can’t imitate Miss Tian’s aristocratic temperament and aristocratic life, but everyone can practice the angle sitting style.

In addition to flexible hip joint, sitting angle can also stretch the inner thigh to dredge the liver meridian, and spring is the best season to nourish the liver.

There are folk sayings: nourishing liver in spring, heart in summer, lung in autumn and kidney in winter.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver governs catharsis and opens the eyes.

It occurs in China, and the liver stores blood at the same time.

Therefore, people with good liver must have bright eyes, dark hair, ruddy, bright and clean skin, good temper and good character.

The liver is the main catharsis, not only excluding body toxins, but also discharging negative emotions.

We just shared the angle sitting posture before.

In that article, we talked about the key points and details of the angle sitting posture in detail.

If you are interested, you can turn it over.

Today, I’d like to share four different sitting angle exercises.


Sitting angle is the most common and familiar exercise method.

Sit on a cushion, press your sitting bone to the ground, straighten your spine, and open your feet to your own range on both sides.

Inhale, extend the spine, exhale, tilt the pelvis forward, and bend the body forward to your own range for 5 ~ 10 minutes.


Lie on your back against the wall, sit on your back against the wall, and practice sitting on your back against the wall.

You are also very familiar with the hip against the wall, lie on your back on the cushion, put your legs up on the wall, and open your feet horizontally to your own range on both sides for 5 ~ 15 minutes.

Of course, you can also add a small sandbag at your ankles like Miss Tian, starting from the minimum weight.

These two methods are static and tend to Yin Yoga, with low muscle strength participation.


Supine dynamic sitting angle exercise, hip against the wall, supine on the cushion, legs straight up, feet on the wall.

Inhale and open your feet parallel to your sides.

Exhale, force your inner thighs and bring your legs together.

With breathing, do three groups, 10 ~ 15 times in each group.

It should be noted that instead of using the foot to drive the leg, the inner thigh is the active force.

This dynamic exercise can also be used in frog lying down and vertical fork.


In the standing and sitting angle exercise, support your hands on the ground, open your feet parallel to both sides, step on the ground on the inner edge of your feet, and slide to both sides to maintain your limit.

Be careful not to tilt your hips and collapse your waist.

Your legs and hips are in a straight line, and your weight falls on your hips; Turn out the soles of your feet, step on the ground on the inner edge of your feet, and start the inside of your thighs.

These two methods are more to open the hip joint through muscle strength.

You can have a try.

The effect is very good and the stimulation to the inner thigh is also very strong.

Among these four different exercises, standing and sitting angle pose is the one with the largest amplitude and the strongest sense of stretching.

If your sitting angle has not changed much and your progress is very slow, you can try the practice of standing posture.

Strength is added to stretching, which is relatively more efficient and safer.

Finally, I would like to remind you that when you come back from sitting angle, don’t forget to do hip retraction exercises, such as heroic posture, sitting and standing forward bending, and reducing easy twisting of the spine.

It’s the right time to nourish the liver in spring.

Let’s practice the fancy corner sitting style.

It only takes 5 minutes every day.

Stick to practice, dredge the liver meridian and maintain the liver.

The liver is better, the skin is better, the temper is better, and the temperament is better.

Refer to the lady Miss Tian.

Pay attention to everything and share health and beauty!..

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