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White short sleeve T-shirt, paired with gray wave point yoga pants, my sister exudes the smell of mature women

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          I don’t know what to do when choosing clothes and dressing? This habit is from top to bottom, that is, the order of tops, including tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

Although the order is like this, the highlights of dress (the clothes you want to highlight) need to be determined in advance, so that there can be clear priorities and levels.

Now, the little white belt gives you simple sportswear and dot Yoga Pants focusing on the lower body.

After the focus is clear, it is easy to do a lot of things, and then choose matching clothes.

As yoga pants are mainly concentrated in the lower part of the body, tops and shoes should play a foil role of “green leaves”, while yoga pants should highlight the key points, because they should be simple and not complex.

It is recommended that Xiaobai wear a short sleeved shirt.

The style must be simple.

It’s best to use solid color, otherwise it will compete with the pants.

Mei Mei’s pure white U-neck short sleeve T-shirt matches very well and the style is also very simple.

It would be more appropriate to choose a short one, but she will also show the effect of the short one by making a summary on the T-shirt.

In yoga pants, the pants on the lower body are more rare, even a little different.

In yoga pants, solid color is the most, followed by splicing.

Wave point yoga pants like this are very rare.

Gray background, dark green spots, self-cultivation, is also very special.

However, Xiaobai thinks that the color matching of yoga pants is not good enough, because the matching of gray and dark green looks not clean enough, making people feel that the pants are very dirty.

If you change it to blue or sugar green, it will look better.

The coat and trousers are worn together, and the rest is shoes and accessories.

Miss Xiao chose a pair of dark gray leather boots with zippers on the boots and lace on the back of the upper.

Although the color is a little dark, the style is fashionable.

Sister’s bag style is also relatively simple, with the temperament of black shoulder bag.

Larger bags, shoulder straps are also low-key, but practical.

Generally speaking, her clothes are not bad, and there are many places worth learning.

It shows the unique femininity and slightly plump figure of mature women, which is quite charming…

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