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Why do you need to learn yoga chanting? Find out

Why do you chant in yoga class? Many yoga practitioners only practice asanas and are not used to singing and meditation.

Life should be exquisite.

This delicacy lies in whether there is a sense of ritual in life, which is a love expressed for life.

Before practicing yoga every day, you will play a yoga music and carefully wipe the mat, which is also the ritual feeling you begin to practice.

For yoga, the sense of ritual starts with singing.

Chanting is the most essential part of yoga.

It looses the body and mind from inside to outside and lays a solid foundation for practicing yoga.

Chanting is not only the most basic practice, but also the most advanced practice content.

Chanting is not only beneficial to the body, but also perfectly complementary to yoga practice.

All the people who have taken yoga classes must have sung OM.

Om chanting is one of the most classic yoga chants.

What is the significance and function of chanting om? “Put your hands on your chest and let’s start today’s practice with three tones of OM!” let’s take a look at a small video ↓↓↓ in the video is Daniel and his baby less than 2 months old.

Whenever the baby starts to feel uneasy and cry, he will sing om to the baby.

When the baby listens to OM, he calms down slowly, and can feel that the baby’s heart is comforted, and it can work every time! At the beginning of the Yoga course, many Gaja people always feel that it is embarrassing for the teacher to lead everyone to practice om chanting method before and after the course.

Many Gaja people basically don’t open their mouth for fear of making people laugh if they don’t do well.

Others just close their eyes and pretend to fit in.

Many people have had this experience, but after many classes, many practitioners will gradually adapt to this link and try it – quietly open their mouth and listen to the teacher’s voice, but they still don’t know why to sing OM in their heart.

Anyway, it’s a great progress to open your mouth and try and agree! So what is om chanting? Why sing om? This article will explain to you! Question01 — what does om mean? What does it have to do with yoga? OM is an ancient Sanskrit word, which means the source of creation.

This seemingly insignificant character contains all the energy of the universe – covering the beginning, middle and end of heaven and earth; Or the past, the present and the future.

Chanting om will bring awakening and reality to the body.

Generally speaking, OM chanting is divided into four parts: a-u-m.

the following is a detailed interpretation.

PORTION01————————“A”   The sound “a” (ah) represents the creativity of the universe and all objects in the universe.

Generally speaking, “a” is the beginning of all sounds.

Take the alphabet as an example, a is the starting letter.

In Sanskrit, it is generally believed that the “a” sound connects the universe to ourselves.

Through the singing of “a”, you will feel the positive existence of the individual.

When reciting, note that it is pronounced through the back of the throat and lips, the tongue is fixed, and the resonance of the sound is felt in the lower abdomen.

PORTION02————————“U”   The sound “U” (woof) in Sanskrit means to concentrate the energy of the universe and the slight feeling of thoughts on ourselves.

It makes us aware of the strength of inner perception and makes us realize that they are not weak, far stronger than we think.

When the “U” sound is uttered, lightness, cleanliness, balance and kindness will enter our hearts.

When chanting “U”, note that the sound flows from the lips and tongue, and the celiac plexus is vibrated.

PORTION03————————“M”   When the sound “m” (UM) is emitted, it means the unity of cosmic energy and your own thoughts and beliefs.

The “m” sound makes you aware of your uniqueness and inspires you to slow down and feel your connection with all things in the world.

When chanting “m”, pay attention to close your lips and feel the vibration of your head.

  Portion04 — flat   After the oral pronunciation, there are some aftershocks.

It is the sound of silence, also known as anagata.

This part of silence is pure self-consciousness.

Usually, we need to feel the inner peace of “I exist, I perceive and I am happy”.

What are the benefits of Yoga chanting? Maybe you have a lot of personal thoughts and thoughts, and many people should know what good it is for themselves and how good it is before they pay.

And now most people are more irritable, impatient, suspicious, pay less and want to harvest a lot.

This is not very good! Some people feel uncomfortable singing so many sounds over and over again, so they reluctantly do it.

They really don’t understand the wisdom of yoga.

Don’t compare pop songs with singing songs.

If you compare them, there is no comparison.

Pop songs will pass at any time, and many of them are melancholy and painful.

But yoga singing won’t get tired of reciting you a thousand times.

It will only make you calm and happy the more you sing.

Here we will briefly list several benefits of Yoga chanting: 1.

Chanting can develop people’s subconscious mind, develop the brain and start various functions of the body.

Chanting can open up the internal meridians of the body and promote blood circulation.

Often chanting can reduce disease and pain.


Chanting can make the sound interact with the external aura and integrate the communication between people and the environment.


Singing can make one’s heart more peaceful and peaceful.


Chanting can enhance lung capacity, improve immunity and prevent colds.


Singing can make you feel happy, take out fatigue and put down your troubles.

By reading the above explanation, you should have a general understanding of OM chanting.

So in the next class, during om chanting and breath adjustment, remember to feel the energy contained in these small language flows, and recite them with confidence and happiness.

May peace always be around you ~ before and after yoga class, you don’t have to be embarrassed any more.

Om chanting allows you to better integrate into yoga practice ~ ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼ good things for good lessons in the near future.

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