Yoga, those hard injuries are not a bad thing!

When practicing yoga, you will always find that here is a hard injury and there is a dead hole.

For example, every morning Marich C is tied to doubt life, and the turtle wants to cry 😭 Let alone jump and make complaints about it.

Well, today is not the right time to come to Tucao, but it’s already been like this.


Explore their “advantages”! Because everything has two sides, seemingly bad aspects have their own good side.

Everyone’s physical condition is different.

Some people can easily cross or tree fork without practicing yoga.

However, it is possible (just possible) that the strength of the legs is insufficient and the force of retraction is not enough.

It is easy to overstretch the joints in the posture with both strength and extension.

Conversely, those physical limitations may be helpful in practice and avoid some injuries.

Because we don’t do well in some aspects, we can do well in the opposite side without so much effort.

For example, a thousand year old shoulder with inflexible shoulder joints is enjoyed by others.

Our shoulder opening is the same as punishment.

Ah, but I found that the stability of the shoulder is good, especially when the flat side plate and various plates.

The legs are a little thick…

Ah, but I found that the strength of the legs is OK.

How can one leg be particularly stable.

The hips are not flexible.

They can’t bend or stretch their hips.

They can’t be women who can bend and stretch.

Ah, but I found that my hips won’t shake in the wind during handstand.

It’s a stable neutral position.

God monkey can’t get down, but he can’t stretch his hip.

Ah, it’s easy to do the cross fork at another angle.

When bending back, the old waist is very hard and straight.

Ah, I found that this can open the chest and upper back more, and I won’t borrow the waist.

Otherwise, where the soft body is used first, I don’t know how to hurt the waist The more you can’t do now, the more you can feel in practice, so there is no so-called “hard injury”.

Instead, they provide us with the opportunity to understand the body.

Through practice, deeply aware of every part of the body, this is the most valuable harvest in yoga practice.

And can share these feelings with others in great detail.

If you want to ask me how to do the back bend, I should be able to talk to her all day…

Because there are too many ups and downs! Understand your body in many ways, look at “hard injury” from another point of view, and give it more time and patience.

Through continuous practice, you can finally make the body develop in balance.

So, what kind of “hard injury” do you have? Welcome to talk 😉-.

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