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Why does shoulder neck blockage affect the appearance? This set of shoulder neck Yoga must be practiced often!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if Qi is insufficient, blood is not smooth, blood is not smooth, water is not flowing, and poison is not discharged.

The shoulder and neck are like the crossroads of the human body, which is the main channel for blood supply to the head.

Long term blockage of the shoulder and neck is easy to cause toxins that cannot be discharged, resulting in skin color difference, memory loss and other problems on the face! Today, Xiaobian has compiled a complete set of shoulder and neck Yoga sequence.

Jia people who often feel shoulder and neck pain must often practice Oh!                         Action 01 simply sit on the yoga mat, clench your hands and put your right waist to cooperate with breathing, inhale, slowly bend your head to the left side, exhale, deepen the range, stop for 5 breaths, change sides 02 fold your hands with ten fingers on your back, inhale and extend your spine, exhale, bend your body forward and downward, open your chest and stay for 5-8 breaths, inhale and slowly straighten your back 03 simply sit on the mat and push your left hand to the ground, Straighten your right hand, inhale and extend your spine, exhale, bend your body to the left side for 5-8 breaths, change to the other side 04, continue to keep simple sitting, put your hands on your knees to cooperate with breathing, slowly lower your head, raise your head, turn your neck to the left and right, keep 3-5 actions 05, continue to keep simple sitting, put your hands on the back of your head, elbows opposite, palms against the back of your head, and jaw retract slightly, Keep 5-8 breathing movements 06 keep simple sitting, clench your hands against your jaw to cooperate with breathing, slightly push your fist against your jaw, keep 5-8 breathing movements 07 keep simple sitting and standing on the yoga mat, put your right hand on the left head, sink your left shoulder and inhale, bend your head to the right side to exhale, deepen your abdomen, and stop 8 breathing movements on each side 08 exit from simple sitting, Enter the downward dog pose, adjust the right leg forward, push the left hand to open the right hand upward, feel the chest open and stay for 5 breathing movements 09, exit from action 08, put the right hand on the outside of the right leg, straighten the left hand upward, exhale, extend to the side, maintain 5 breathing movements 10, enter the warrior from the side angle, inhale 2, and exhale with the palms of both hands upward, Keep the palms of both hands down and practice dynamically for 8-10 times.

Move 11 withdraw from soldier 2, transition to downward dog pose, and then change from action 08-10 to the left.

Move 12 from downward dog pose to enhanced side extension pose, step the right leg to exhale, bend the knee to inhale, Straighten your knees and keep dynamic practice for 5-8 times.

Action 13 keep breathing in the reinforced side extension, keep your hands clasped behind your back, stay for 5 exhalations, enter the warrior from the reinforced side extension, cross your hands and fingers on the back of your head, resist each other, stay for 5 breathing actions, 14 enter the warrior from the warrior, inhale, enter the anti warrior exhalation, and enter the triangular extension, Stop for 5 breaths 15 exit from the triangle stretch transition Vinyasa into the downward dog stay for 5 breaths change from action 12-14 to the left practice action 16 exit from the downward dog move forward into the standing, bend and inhale, exhale with ten fingers on the back of both hands, feel the chest fully open, stop for 5 breaths, exhale 17, enter the magic chair inhale, swing and exhale with both hands backward, Straighten your hands forward and do dynamic exercises for 5-8 times.


Exit from the magic chair and enter the squat.

Pay attention to the slight outward movement of your toes and knees, keep the core tightened, inhale straight on your back, touch the ground with your left hand, open your right hand, exhale backward, restore, inhale, touch the ground with your right hand, open your left hand backward, stay 5 breaths on each side.


Exit from the squat and enter the plow and shoulder handstand.

Pay attention to the bad cervical spine, Those with high blood pressure do not do these two actions, stay in plough and shoulder handstand for 5 breathing actions respectively, 20 exit from shoulder handstand, lie on your back and adjust 5 breathing to enter Fish pose, put your hands behind your hips on both sides, support your elbows on the ground, open your chest, push up your head and point to the ground, tighten and stay on the inner side of your core and thigh, and 21 exit from Fish pose, Entering the supine bridge, you can support the Yoga brick vertically or horizontally at the junction of lumbar spine and sacrum.

You can choose to land your feet or straighten and stay up for 5 breathing movements.

22 exit from the supine bridge, enter the supine bird king style, wrap your right leg around your left leg, put your left elbow on the top and your right elbow on the bottom, exhale, tighten the core, touch your elbow with your knee, inhale, restore, and practice dynamically on each side for 8-10 times.

23 finally, Lie on your back on the yoga mat, tuck in your abdomen and bend your knees, wrap your hands around the front of your lower legs, roll back and forth for 10 times, and then sit up and simply sit and adjust your breath for 3 minutes.

Regular practice of shoulder neck yoga can not only improve shoulder neck tension and relax neck muscles, but also allow blood to flow back to your head and make your face skin more ruddy! People who love beauty must not miss it! Do you want to receive such Yoga information every day? You can go back to the top and click the blue font to meet you.

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