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Yoga 2 hours vs running 2 hours, different choices, different shapes | listen to yoga

/No.81 (click to learn audio) listen to yoga 81 | Carrie 124※ if you were given two hours of exercise time, running and yoga, what would you do? A yoga for two hours B running for two hours C Yoga for one hour and then running for one hour d running for one hour and then Yoga for one hour if it’s me, I’ll definitely choose Yoga for two hours.

I guess there must be the most Jia people who choose A.

neither C nor D is recommended, because they can’t do too intense exercise before and after yoga to avoid damage to the body and nerves.

At least there can’t be intense exercise within half an hour before and after yoga.

If this situation is put in every day, choosing Yoga for 2 hours and running for 2 hours must be different life results.

The former is completely different from running in physical and mental shaping.

Practicing yoga will be more symmetrical in the whole body, while running will cause excessive thigh muscles and lack of symmetry in the body.

In terms of physical health, yoga’s strengthening of the body is different from running.

You will have an obvious experience after regularly practicing yoga for a few months.

The most important thing is that people have been insisting on running and yoga.

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