Yoga gossip | what is the essence of Yoga?

Yoga is hard to define, because yoga is the way to a certain place! Make a simple analogy: we are going to Tibet and can enter along the Sichuan Tibet line; It can enter along the Xinzang line; It can enter along the Yunnan Tibet line; In addition, there are various non mainstream roads to Tibet.

Explain with an idiom: all roads lead to Rome! Where is Yoga going? Although there are many schools, they have some common characteristics where they want to reach, that is, a real existence or consciousness.

There are many roads to this place, but there are also several famous roads.

Here are some mainstream roads.

Those country roads are difficult to walk.

Let’s not talk about them for the time being! Oneness: Yoga is a state of oneness, and samadhi is a state of oneness with God.

In fact, you can refer to the western spiritual work dialogue with God.

There are many books in this series.

It expresses that we are one, and the reason why we are separated is to experience ourselves.

For example, if we want to see beauty, we must have ugliness to compare, that is, if we want to experience all of ourselves, we must create a “non self” to see ourselves.

And our very important task or a process we must experience is that we will experience all kinds of things in the world, then recall ourselves and return to the state of unity.

Super conscious path: patangali’s Yoga Sutra simply defines yoga as “controlling the conscious fluctuation of the heart”.

Yoga is to focus on the meditated object until the heart has no distractions.

This is a state in which the whole person calms down and reaches transparency and purity.

This state can be understood in the present, that is, you are completely in the present, no longer recall the past and plan for the future.

You can refer to the book the power of the present.

In fact, many western spiritual books are discussed on the basis of yoga philosophy and interpreted in more modern and popular languages.

Non self road: This is a very famous road.

Many Buddhist classics belong to this type.

Who am I? I’m not body and mind, I’m not this, not that! Peel everything that isn’t mine layer by layer, what’s left? That’s the real me.

Here you can quote a famous enlightenment poem “Ode to Nirvana” under the name of shangjialuo: 唵! I am not reason, intuition, slowness and memory.

I am not hearing, taste, smell and sight, nor air and earth, fire and wind.

I am Shiva in the form of blissful consciousness.

I am Shiva! Shiva is not a human God, but the absolute one itself.


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