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Yoga has a history of 5000 years. Do you know these secrets|| History of Yoga

/No.82 (click to learn by audio) Yoga history 82 | Qianqian 124※ to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, let’s talk about the history of yoga to the people.

I don’t know if you are interested? We all know that Yoga originated in India.

It’s not too much to say that yoga is the best gift India gives to mankind.

It’s both philosophy, science and art.

Yoga is the perfect embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty.

According to Indian legend, yoga is as old as human civilization.

The earliest Vedic immortals were familiar with yoga and regarded yoga as an apocalypse beyond mankind.

The Vedic book five nights says that yoga is a sacred theme as old as creation.

However, yoga is neither faith nor superstition.

It is a science with well-defined philosophy, grammar and goals, which represents Indian spirituality.

Indian saints always look for the source of what we now call “yoga tradition” from the Veda.

The word “Yoga” can be found in Rigveda, but the exclusive meaning of Yoga today has undergone long-term changes.

As a spiritual discipline, the word “Yoga” appeared in the partridge Upanishads of the sixth century BC.

Archaeological discoveries have proved that yoga practice appeared in India during the period of Indus River civilization.

Pottery statues of yoga postures were excavated in harapa and mohenzodaro.

The limestone priest statue unearthed in mohenzodaro is undoubtedly in the meditation position.

It is inferred that India has known and practiced yoga for thousands of years.

Several western scholars have tried to trace the origin of yoga, but almost all of them ended up speculating.

This is due to their lack of understanding of the Sanskrit of the Veda, and secondly to their lack of understanding of the content, meaning and wisdom of the Veda classics.

However, scholars such as Swami dayananda saroshvardi and orobindo, as well as yoga masters such as param khansa yuflananda, have talked about the deep philosophical content of the Vedic literature and the legacy of the yoga tradition.

A further examination of the Naxi and Buddhist literature reveals that even these non Vedic traditions have a strong Vedic foundation, and recognizes that yoga is a discipline that has been practiced since ancient times.

No science or discipline, especially yoga, can be perfected in a short time.

Predecessors must have made many explorations and attempts to build its philosophical foundation, theory and methodology.

Just as in the process of science, theory is developed, experiments are operated, and the results obtained lead to the improvement of theory.

Similarly, ancient sages must undergo strict experiments to refine yoga into a system.

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