Yoga pants are intellectual and playful, fashionable, casual and versatile, simple and stylish

Yoga pants are intellectual and playful, fashionable, casual and versatile, simple and stylish.

In addition to these, let’s make a comprehensive analysis from the type of dress hem today, which can be said to be explained from top to bottom! Let’s start with a popular yoga pants recently.

The hem of ordinary V-neck Yoga Pants: irregular, fluffy skirt, A-line skirt, large skirt and super large hem.

Today I’ll introduce you one by one! 01 ordinary V-neck + long shoulder strap and long sleeve are also common.

They are commonly used in the matching of V-neck and short sleeve, short sleeve and fluffy skirt.

02 short sleeves + too split skirt or yoga pants, long sleeves are more sexy! 03 ultra short sleeveless yoga pants + slightly fluffy long sleeved shirt, simply retro and capable! 04 short sleeved skirt + tight jacket / windbreaker, sexy for women.

05 long sleeved skirt + windbreaker outside, simple and capable.

06 large short sleeve skirt + tight jacket, simple and capable.

07 too complex yoga pants + fancy shirt coat, sweet and elegant.

08 side split skirt + bright color long coat, relaxed and casual style.

09 fishtail skirt, neat and capable.

There are several styles here! 1.

Sleeved, half sleeved and sleeveless are the most common.

Ordinary tops + skirts, sleeved tops with fluffy skirts at the hem are the most natural collocation among the three yoga pants.

They are versatile and most suitable for daily use.

If you are afraid of trouble, and usually the matching of upper and lower clothes is more cumbersome, but you prefer a lighter one, then this kind of slim yoga pants or trousers is the best choice.


Other hem styles basically don’t exist, because the improved suit material and shirt are not suitable for matching with long hem yoga pants, because the transverse sag of suit material makes this kind of yoga pants can’t have enough space to cause the effect of large and long legs, so it’s more suitable for matching with medium and long styles, such as umbrella skirt, trumpet skirt, etc., and it needs a better personal figure.


Irregular long sleeves and A-line skirt are more lovely.

The A-line pendulum can better cover the belly.

Many sisters will have asymmetry.

They can match this irregular long sleeved and A-shaped skirt.

If they are afraid of trouble, they can wrap it in a whole set.


Puffy skirt + shirt / windbreaker outside.

There is already a matching of puffy skirt.

Generally, the type in the above figure is the best.


A-line skirt + shirt is a matching method of windbreaker and yoga pants.

Generally, there are many knitwear.

This kind of windbreaker yoga pants is matched with a shirt.

The shirt is thick, which can make the A-line skirt look more broad and slim visually.

When matched with the thin hem yoga pants, it immediately has the effect of long legs.

For hip width, it is also good to wear a sweater / wool skirt alone.

If it is a medium and long windbreaker yoga pants, match it with a pair of boots to keep warm and wear it as a backing.

Windbreaker yoga pants and boots are really serious.

It’s better to wear short boots.

If it’s white boots, it can be matched with other windbreaker colors…

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