Yoga pants are the best way to wear relaxed clothes. Choose simple and personalized clothes, exquisite and elegant

Yoga pants are the best way to wear relaxed clothes.

Choose simple and personalized clothes, exquisite and elegant.

Yoga pants are easy to look bloated, so how to wear them without bloating? In fact, to be honest, most yoga pants are suitable for lazy people, with a pair of thin leg socks.

It can be said that yoga pants + thin leg socks can easily kill 90% of people.

Like this! Look, the pants are not stuffed under the waist of yoga pants.

The waist retraction design of yoga pants can properly divide the waist.

As long as you match it with a pair of small white shoes, you can wear a small waist and perfect the body proportion, making your legs look thinner and taller! If you think yoga pants are not very friendly, do we look better by adding thicker socks? Who says yoga pants can’t match socks? You can try it~ By the way, this thick sock has a choice of length.

For example, the above figure is already thick near the knee.

The part in front of the shoes must be longer than the exposed part of the pants, so that the socks can be parallel to the knee, which will show that the legs are longer.

If you have long legs, this length is the same as the length of pants, it is recommended to be shorter, which will look more slender! In addition to thick socks, there are many lengths to choose from.

For example, near the knee, the length is relatively embarrassing.

Then at this time, we can use the technique of matching the upper body to extend the lower body at the yoga pants, and wrap the short skirt under the yoga pants.

In this case, the length can be selected above the knee.

The length of yoga pants is consistent with the length of the lower body, so the overall effect will be better and look thinner.

In addition to thick socks and yoga pants, you can also choose loose pants to wear yoga pants.

For example, the following pants are more loose, which can be said to be very good-looking.

Many girls can tuck in their skirts.

In fact, if you want to wear yoga pants, it is also very simple.

When matching, try to change into loose jeans, a pair of small white shoes and a pair of Doudou shoes, you can easily wear cowboy style! The loose feeling of jeans can also show the leg length, creating a casual and fashionable feeling in daily life.

In addition to pants, round neck T-shirts with similar colors to pants can also be matched with yoga pants, which will be very harmonious.

In addition, they also have the effect of self-cultivation, showing thin and high temperament.

Loose clothes can also be matched with any bottoms, especially with thick heels, which will have a little higher effect and look more fashionable and beautiful.

Put on a shirt with white yoga pants and comb your hair.

The whole person is elegant and capable! So you want to wear yoga pants? No problem, just a pair of sneakers!..

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