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Yoga, these are not pleasant words, others may not tell you!

Some people’s “fantasy” of Yoga Or it’s a misunderstanding.

It’s really necessary to break the fact that everyone is suitable for practicing yoga, but not all postures are suitable for choosing yoga.

It’s more to choose a healthy lifestyle.

When you first come into contact with yoga, it’s recommended to start with private education to get started and lay a good foundation.

The most valuable thing of yoga is not action, but details.

Private education will get twice the result with half the effort in your future practice.

When you practice, you force yourself too much Blindly applying pressure to the body in pursuit of posture can easily cause muscle damage to the body, Joint injury Yoga pursues listening to the body’s feelings, proper rest and respect for the body.

When you feel discomfort in your shoulder and neck, several yoga movements can’t make you recover.

What you need to adjust is that the whole body is not only local, but also not rapid, but needs to be maintained for a long time.

When you are suffering from depression and your mood can’t be controlled beyond the upper limit you can bear Gal can only help you relax.

You must consult a professional doctor to solve your problem.

When you have diseases like diabetes and breast cancer, yoga can only dredge and stimulate the surrounding channels to relieve and improve.

It can not be cured.

However, many inspirational figures insist on holding a strong mentality in the ward even if they are suffering from cancer.

It is because yoga gives them the courage to overcome illness and a calm and soothing heart.

Yoga is just a way of exercise that acts on people’s body and mind.

It can have a positive effect on people’s body and mind.

Although yoga is not as magical as the legend, it can not make us immortal or keep us from getting sick, it can help us increase our resistance, stay away from disease and better deal with life Your experience will never disappear when you do anything in the future.

As long as you think of the sweaty one, you will feel that all setbacks will not be so difficult, and yoga is not as complex as the legend.

When you really start practicing yoga, you will meet a better yourself.

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