Why does the yoga teacher take you to do “downward dog pose” in every class?

On the way of yoga, you either focus on yoga or focus on yoga.

Why does the yoga teacher take you to do dog pose in every class? If you do the downward dog pose every day, you will: 01 the leg shape is becoming more and more beautiful.

Many girls worry about their strong legs.

In fact, it is because the muscles behind the thighs are too tight! Downward dog pose can just open the rear muscles of your legs, and then beautify and decorate your legs.

Jia friends who often practice dog style may often hear praise from people that “your legs are really symmetrical”! Standing, walking and running every day will cause the muscles behind the thighs to become tight, resulting in chronic hamstring tendons and calf muscles.

Therefore, it is very effective to practice downward dog pose and beautify the leg lines.

The downward dog pose is the most effective pose for lengthening the spine in yoga practice.

When practicing, it can help you gently adjust your spine and make it gradually become normal.

Downward dog pose can also relieve people with neck and shoulder pain.

When the spine is corrected, people naturally appear tall and straight.

03 tighten your arms and bid farewell to the meat.

The downward dog pose has played a significant role in the strength training of the upper body, especially the arms.

When all the traction is down, if you move properly, the whole arm will be exercised, the muscles will gradually tighten, and your yoga practice will be more lasting.

04   Strengthen chest strength.

Nowadays, most of us sit in chairs all day.

Our chest muscles are very tight.

Note that it’s not strong.

The main reason is mostly due to poor sitting posture.

The function of downward dog is to let your chest muscles stretch again and accumulate the required strength for other parts of the body.

In addition, practicing downward dog pose is also accumulating necessary strength for you to practice high-level yoga postures.

In addition, the downward dog pose will also let you: 1.

Prevent and improve scapulohumeral periarthritis, stretch the spine; 2.

Relax the brain and relieve physical fatigue; 3.

Resist gravity and delay facial skin and visceral sagging.

In the standard downward dog pose, you can find the feeling of mountain pose, the feeling of corpse pose, the feeling of meditation, the feeling of harmony and unity between body and consciousness.

Keep this pose for 2 to 3 minutes.

Bend your knees to the floor with exhalation and enjoy the physical and mental peace brought by downward dog pose.

Downward dog pose is really porridge.

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