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Yoga lying frog open hip, so practice is more safe and effective! (with 3 major variant exercises)

To practice yoga, we all know that lying on the frog is a necessary practice, and it is one of the very strong and effective hip opening postures.

But many Jia people, especially the new Jia people, either feel very painful when they practice lying on the frog, or they go back after opening their hips in two days.

If you also have the above feelings, you should pay special attention to the three key practice points of Yoga lying on the frog! 1.

The knee and hip are in a straight line.

The knee and hip are in a straight line, which can make the hip joint fully abduct on the premise of neutral position.

Beginners can put a pillow under the pelvis.


The adductor muscle of the thigh must be activated, Pull up many people feel pain when they are doing lying frogs.

Most of the pain is that the adductor muscles of the thigh are not activated.

In the whole process of lying frogs, they must activate the adductor muscles and keep the legs clamped inward and lifted upward, which can not only make the hip joint more stable and improve the effect of hip opening, but also protect the hip and knee joint 3.

The inner side of the foot is pressed down against the ground, Push back with your feet, press down on the inside of your feet, and push back with your heels.

You can strengthen the force of opening your legs to both sides through the reaction force of the ground, so that your legs can be opened more fully.

In fact, beginners who practice yoga lying on frogs want no pain and good results.

In addition to the above three points, you should pay attention to the three variants of lying on frogs, and you should also practice often! 1.

Lie on one leg frog, bend your knees on the right side, straighten your left leg, support your hands in the front of your body for 20-30 seconds, or change the other side for 1 minute.


Lie on one leg frog + small pelvic forward / backward tilt, inhale on the basis of action 1, and the pelvic forward tilt, Exhale pelvis backward.

Note that the range of pelvic forward and backward tilt is very small.

Jia people with good body adjustment can also add pelvic forward / backward tilt 3.

Single leg frog + small forward / backward movement of trunk in the complete frog prone pose.

Inhale on the basis of action 1, move the trunk forward and exhale, Move the trunk backward.

Note that the range of movement is not very large.

Jia people with good physical conditions can also add the forward and backward movement of the trunk to the complete lying frog pose.

After practice, remember to practice the closed hip pose to neutralize the hip joint to avoid Yoga damage.

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