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Yoga Fitness vs non yoga fitness, how big is the gap after 10 years?


Yoga vs no Yoga 10 years later, life is different.

Not long ago, a group of Yoga pictures exploded the whole Yoga circle, that is, she began to practice yoga at the age of 50, but she seemed to return to 30 at the age of 66.

For 16 years, I have been practicing yoga for 3 hours every day, breathing for 1 hour and posturing for 2 hours.

I can practice it even in snowy days.

Therefore, in the eyes of the public, 70 years old should be inconvenient and old, but now nearly 70 year old sister Gao has a hand to catch the highly difficult split wheel horse of yoga.

There is no excess fat on the body, which is better than many people aged 20-30.

Temperament is even better to say nothing.

Standing there quietly is a painting.

Elder sister Gao said that she has not been to the hospital for many years…

Yoga vs no yoga.

The life after 10 years is completely different.

People who stick to yoga for 10 years will never be old.


Yoga is the most cost-effective investment.

The return of adhering to yoga for 10 years will exceed your imagination.

Warren Buffett said: “in the end, there is an investment better than all other investments, that is, investing in yourself.

No one can take away what you have learned.

Everyone has such investment potential.” for women, yoga is the best beauty agent, It is also the most cost-effective investment.

If you stick to yoga for 10 years, the return of yoga will exceed your imagination.

You will have the most beautiful clothes – body, no pelvis leaning forward, no round shoulder hunchback, no XO legs, summer is not fat, but screaming perfection! You will have the most precious wealth – people who are healthy and stick to yoga all year round.

Their resistance will be much better than ordinary people, and the number of times to go to the hospital will be reduced.

You will save a lot of money at the end of a year.

You will have the most priceless perseverance – self-discipline, self-discipline is freedom, regular work and rest, healthy diet.

The more self-discipline you are, the more advanced you will live.

Yoga will put your life into open mode.

You will have the most perfect temperament – self-confidence.

Those who shine with self-confidence in life always look bright.

Yoga can help you regulate your heart knot and mood, and make you feel peaceful in the busy market.

You will also have a strong heart, a keen brain, younger skin than your peers, better energy and spirit, etc.

the gap between yoga and no yoga is really too big after 10 years, don’t you believe it? Then stick to yoga for 10 years! ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼▼ select yoga products in the lower left corner of the recent good lessons and good things recommendation point..

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