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Yoga will become beautiful if you practice well. If you don’t practice well, it is chronic suicide

Do you have the following 8 Yoga habits that hurt your body most? If you have something, change it.

If you don’t, encourage it.

01 Yoga without warming up before practice is a healthy exercise.

Warming up before practice is essential.

Warming up can help us relieve the tension of muscles, better enter the practice state and improve the effect of practice.

Entering asana directly without warm-up will not only fail to achieve the ideal practice state, but even cause physical injury.

02 ignoring the practice of breathing yoga and breathing complement each other.

Beginners tend to hold their breath, which will cause chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness and other problems.

Therefore, when practicing yoga, you should not only focus on posture, but also focus on breathing.

Don’t hold your breath.

Beginners can’t follow the teacher’s rhythm, so they keep breathing naturally.

03 diet before and after yoga.

It’s best not to eat for an hour or two before and after yoga practice, so as not to burden the intestines and stomach.

Eating before and after yoga practice is easy to cause nausea and dizziness, because yoga is a whole-body exercise, involving handstand, torsion and other postures.

04 practice is not in the right position.

Whether beginners or high-level practitioners, they should pay attention to the right position, so that your practice will take fewer detours.

For example, the positive position of pelvis, the positive position of spine, etc.

Orthosis is a process.

No one has your own body better than you.

Remember the feeling of asana.

05 blindly pursue softness.

Yoga should be as stable as a mountain and as soft as water.

Yoga is not blindly pursue softness.

Real yoga is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility.

The practice of strength will protect our muscles stronger.

Don’t excessively pursue softness and ignore the practice of strength.

We need to pay more attention to the start of muscle strength and find the unity of strength and flexibility.

06 heart of comparison when practicing yoga, you must be careful that “comparison” disturbs your rhythm.

Yoga is not a “contest” of difficult postures.

Slow down at an appropriate time and find your original heart.

Each process of yoga is a asana.

Let the perception of the body guide the practice of yoga.

07 if you don’t concentrate on yoga practice ten times, it’s better to concentrate once.

If you don’t mind while practicing yoga and playing with your mobile phone, it won’t work.

Concentration is the stepping stone for you to open yoga.

When your mind is right, your practice will sublimate.

08 think that meditation and rest are useless.

Meditation can make people calm down and integrate mind and mind; Rest makes people relax, and breathing is indispensable.

Rest is a process of adjusting breathing and mood.

Don’t just focus on the stretching of postures and ignore these harvest processes.

Avoiding the above 8 most harmful Yoga habits will make your yoga practice easier.

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