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20 Yoga photos, completely change your view of yoga!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! When it comes to yoga, people who haven’t practiced it always refuse to share some special people with you today for various reasons.

They will change your view of yoga, and you will cheer for their story! 01 do you have her fat? She is a fat man of 300 kg, but she is also an excellent yoga teacher.

Do you have her fat? So fat is not the reason to refuse Yoga 02 are you older than her? The world’s oldest yoga teacher is still teaching yoga at the age of 100.

As long as your heart is not old, you will always be young! 03 do you still doubt that men can practice yoga? In fact, many yoga masters are male.

Yoga is not only the patent of women, but also the world of men.

04 yoga is not as difficult as you think! Yoga is not only the most basic of difficult asanas, but also the most classic.

Stretching in the working space can help you drive away fatigue.

05 is yoga the stuff of the rich in the city? Then you must have never heard of yugouliang’s “the first yoga village in China”.

Yoga only needs a cushion and perseverance.

06 only people with soft body can practice yoga? From stiff to yoga soft girl, she only took 3 years to look at the comparison chart before and after.

Do you still have no confidence in yourself? 07 the weather is too cold to power yoga? Looking at the beauty of yoga in the snow, you can’t help but be eager to try.

In fact, the more you are afraid of the cold, the more you have to insist on practicing yoga.

08 busy work and no time are not the reasons for not doing yoga.

Super busy Obama practices yoga.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has to spare half an hour every day to insist on yoga meditation.

Are you busier than them? 09 physical condition is not an excuse.

He lost his legs in the war and found himself in yoga.

He not only became a yoga teacher, but also was invited to teach yoga in the White House.

Therefore, don’t always say that he can’t do yoga, because they used to be worse than you.

What they need is effort and persistence, not thousands of excuses not to practice.

After reading all, click and watch before you go 👍。.

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