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When practicing yoga, you always say “shoulders are tight”. Do you really know shoulders?

It is true that the final practice of yoga is to lose your mind.

However, starting to practice yoga starts from the body.

It is helpful to learn more about body anatomy.

                       Today’s quiz is about the anatomy of the shoulder.

How many can you get right?                  1.

What is the name and function of this muscle in the figure?                      Deltoid muscle, abductor humerus subscapularis muscle, internal rotation humerus latissimus dorsi muscle, extension arm subscapularis muscle, external rotation humerus correct answer: subscapularis muscle, internal rotation humerus 2.

Which muscle starts from the superior spine on the scapula and ends at the greater tubercle of humerus? Subscapularis teres minor deltoid pectoralis major supraspinatus correct answer: supraspinatus 3.

Which pose is used to stretch teres minor and infraspinatus? Cow face upper arm wheel cow face lower arm triangle eagle arm correct answer: cow face lower arm 4.

Which muscle is the antagonistic muscle of subscapularis? Teres minor infraspinatus pectoralis major deltoid latissimus dorsi correct answer: infraspinatus 5.

Which pose stretches the supraspinatus? Triangle ox face upper arm wheel Eagle arm ox face lower arm correct answer: Eagle arm..

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