6 kinds of yoga “head handstand” how many do you hold?

On the Yoga Road, it is either yoga or head handstand.

It is estimated that most students will be able to do it.

But in fact, there are many different variants of head handstand.

Today, six are listed, and the difficulty is gradually increasing.

How many do you get? Headstand 1 is one of the most basic headstands.

The hands are clasped with ten fingers.

The small arms, elbows and the top of the head are folded inward.

The legs are close together.

Headstand 2 three nod handstand.

The hands and the top of the head are in an equilateral triangle with the elbows at 90 degrees.

Keep the inner collet handstand 3 three nod handstand variant.

Straighten your hands and open them to both sides.

This is more difficult.

Headstand 4 is very similar to the basic headstand, However, the hands are not clasped with ten fingers, but the loosened head handstand.


The hands hug each other’s elbows, and the head is supported on the ground.

The head handstand 6 may not be seen clearly.

The palms supported by the head and elbows are placed on both sides of the neck near the shoulder blades.

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