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7 yoga postures, strengthen the core & flat lower abdomen, super effective!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! The core is located in the middle of the body and connects the upper and lower parts of the human body.

In the process of yoga practice, it is not only the basis for maintaining body balance, stability and strength, but also the necessary condition for rapid progress and advanced difficult postures.

Therefore, the core of yoga is very important! Xiaobian shares 7 yoga postures, which can not only strengthen the core strength, but also thin the lower abdomen.

People must practice often.


Cross balance I   Kneel on all fours, hands under shoulders   Raise your right leg back along the inside of your body   Straighten your left hand forward and extend your chest   Shoulders relaxed, hips level and centered   Keep 5-8 breaths and change to the opposite side 2.

Tiger II   Enter in the upper pose and bend your right knee and thigh forward   Bow your head, arch your back, retract your abdomen, and sink your shoulders   Bend your left hand and touch your elbow and right knee   Maintain 5-8 breaths, change the opposite side 3 and elbow support   Enter in tiger pose 2, straighten your legs and step on the ground with your toes   The elbows are under the shoulders and the forearms are on the ground   Tighten the core, tighten the thighs and lift up   The neck is relaxed and the body is in a diagonal line   Keep 5-8 breaths.


Side stand   The elbow supports the entry and the hands support the ground   Put your weight on your right hand and turn to the left   Keep the outside of your right foot on the ground with your feet together   The right arm is perpendicular to the ground and the hip is away from the ground   The core is tightened and the left hand is extended upward   Keep 5-8 breaths and change to the opposite side 5.

Boat   Sit up, bend your knees and step on the ground   Put your fingertips forward on the back of your hips   Lift the chest and extend the spine upward   Lift the lower legs parallel to the ground in turn   Straighten your arms forward, palms facing each other   The core is stable, maintaining 5-8 breaths.


Half boat   Enter the boat and straighten your legs in turn   Roll your back and drop your legs down at the same time   The legs are at an angle of 30 degrees to the ground   Lift your knees and thighs and stretch your toes   Keep 5-8 breaths.


Half boat variant   Half boat entry, bend your right knee and thigh close to your abdomen   Put your hands around your right knee and pull your right leg towards your body   Tighten the core and keep your toes straight.

Keep 5-8 breaths.

It’s too sour after changing the opposite side.

You can also become the queen of vest line after regular practice.

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