Yoga Pants bring fairy wearing style, making you beautiful from top to bottom and full of fashion touch (3)

Yoga Pants bring fairy wearing style, making you beautiful from top to bottom and full of fashion touch.

The matching of yoga pants has always been a necessary item for many girls.

Today, the matching to be introduced to you is gigihadid from Jiang Shuying.

Gigihadid’s top is a simple short sleeved sweater, and below it is a printed suspender skirt, revealing slender thighs and good-looking collarbones.

It is very elegant, wearing a supermodel sexy ~ it is the most appropriate to wear a printed suspender skirt this season.

It is simple and elegant, and there are many different patterns in the choice of printed design, which should be selected according to the overall style of the clothes.

There are four looks in this set.

Except for Look1, the matching method of the other three looks is the same.

They all choose the skirt with shirt collar.

Reveal the sexy collarbone and don’t forget to show the beautiful ankles.

This collocation looks very refreshing, and the girl with good figure can cover the meat ~ there is a small detail in the overall collocation, that is, the choice of handbag.

The handbag style is good.

The same color department has different color splicing and sense of harmony, but the whole is not bright enough.

Most importantly, the front of the handbag is not good-looking enough.

It is far less bright and monotonous than the back.

The second set of matching is to change into the skirt with shirt collar, and choose the skirt with shirt collar.

Shirt comprehension is more fashionable, avoiding the uniformity of shirt collar and skirt.

Whether it’s cowboy or skirt, it has a different slimming effect.

The skirt with a basic shirt collar exposes half of the arm and shows the waist line, making the whole look better.

This season, you can also choose to wear a shirt with a layered sense, revealing the shoulder and waist line, which is a good folding piece.

With this set of collocation, the skirt with shirt collar will wear a high-grade feeling, and a ribbon bag on the back will show a fashionable and exquisite feeling.

The last set is the look of shirt skirt + handbag and the skirt with shirt collar.

It has the effect of self-cultivation and waist retraction.

It doesn’t need to consider the waist line, and the effect of slimming is also very good.

To say, the biggest feature of shirt skirt is to wear sexy collarbone…

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