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After practicing these 13 movements, the yogi handstand will no longer have to lean against the wall!

Source: yoga anatomy (ID: Yoga jiepuxue) many gawains reflect that when they first practice hand standing upside down, they are particularly afraid to leave the wall.

Without the wall, they seem to fall! In fact, you are always afraid to practice off the wall, which proves that the core control of your body and the strength of your shoulders and arms are not enough.

When your control over your body is strong enough, it is natural to leave the wall.

Today, I sorted out a complete handstand practice sequence, including from warm-up to strengthening the core, shoulder and arm strength.

The tutorial is very detailed.

Keep practicing, and you can no longer rely on the wall! Action 01.

King Kong sits, swings his hands, moves his wrists for 20-30 times, then presses his wrists forward, presses his body’s center of gravity back on the ground, stretches the inner side of his forearm and stops for 8-10 breathing actions 02.

Clenches his hands and moves his wrists inward and outward with breathing for 15-20 times 03.

Cat cow type is ready, his shoulders are vertical, and his wrists cooperate with breathing, Move the shoulders up and down, retract the shoulder blades downward, close to the spine, move the shoulder blades upward, keep away from each other, practice 15-20 times, enter the inclined plate to do the same action, practice 15-20 times, 04.

Enter the downward dog pose from the inclined plate, adjust 3 breaths to cooperate with breathing, straighten the hips, lift the right leg backward, exhale, bend the knee forward, find the chest, inhale and restore each side, and maintain dynamic practice for 12-15 times 05 From downward dog pose to puppy pose, exhale with thighs perpendicular to the ground, tighten the core, fully extend and inhale the spine, and slowly feel the armpit chest stick to the ground for 8-10 breathing movements.


Exit from small dog pose, kneel on the ground, keep the spine straight, and breathe with hands clasped with ten fingers on the back.

Fully open the chest and stay for 8-10 breathing movements.


The center of gravity of the body moves forward again, Enter the inclined board, support the ground with your right hand, tighten the exhalation core on the side of your left leg, turn your hips up and down, inhale in the dog style, restore the single arm inclined board, and practice 5-8 actions 08.

Exit from the inclined board, and slowly restore your hands to the leg direction to the standing mountain style.

Now the exhalation core at the end of the yoga mat is tightened, enter the lower dog style with your hands up, bend your elbows outward, press down and inhale, Restore the mountain style and repeat 5-8 actions 09.

Lie prone on the yoga mat, prepare an extension belt, grasp the extension belt with both hands forward, exhale wider than shoulder width, tighten the core, move both hands backward to inhale, tighten the core, move both hands forward to repeat 8-10 actions 10-11.

Lie on your back, tighten the inside of your legs, lift off the ground, tighten the core, and keep your waist and back close to the ground, Keep your shoulder blades off the ground, put your hands straight on both sides of your body, tighten your abdomen, keep static for 5-8 breaths, continue to raise your legs, straighten your hands back, continue to tighten your core, feel your abdomen tighten your waist and back, completely compact the ground, and stop for 8 breaths.


Adjust the distance from the wall, put your feet close to the wall to form an L-shaped left leg on the wall, straighten your right leg, stay for 3 breaths, and then change your legs.

Pay attention to starting your shoulders, arms Practice the core strength repeatedly for 5-8 times to establish the feeling action 13.

It is recommended to practice against the wall in this step, which can ensure the safety of the practitioner, push the ground with both hands, tighten the core, put on one leg first, bend the knee on the other leg, and do not have to straighten both legs.

After you find the feeling, you can slowly try to straighten your legs tips: hypertension, high intraocular pressure, beginners are not recommended to practice handstand, Senior practitioners also suggest professional yoga teachers to guide you! Read more good articles and click on the card below..

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