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Beautiful appearance: Yoga Pants wear and match rules, color matching is never out of date, beautiful little sister!

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                                                                              In fact, the matching rules of yoga pants are not difficult.

You can understand ~ Sophia love · fashion platform Xiaobian shared six rules here.

Let’s learn it together ~ rule 1.

Printed Yoga Pants – versatile basic style – Yoga Pants with basic colors are always easy to make mistakes.

At this time, we can use some small flower patterns to decorate, which will reduce the score of the whole look, So printing + denim is a good choice.

Compared with pure color printed yoga pants, yoga pants with various patterns will be more interesting.

It is also very suitable to match with sweaters, knitted cardigans and other coats.

Rule 2.

Color blocking Yoga Pants – a personalized and thoughtful collocation.

In addition to the basic color, color blocking yoga pants are also a fashion item that is easy to concave shape.

Therefore, girls who like to shine and want to add highlights in the matching of yoga pants can try to wear and match with color matching, and choose some interesting color matching styles.

Mixing and matching will have more obvious effects in other pieces.

Rule 3.

Camel Yoga Pants – with advanced feeling.

Camel is a relatively low-key tone between black and brown.

The tone is slightly cold, so it has always been loved by everyone.

Camel colored yoga pants are always versatile.

There is no problem with the collision of any color.

If you want to be advanced, you must choose the right color.

Rule 4.

Light gray Yoga Pants – comfortable and casual.

If you prefer casual free style, it’s a good choice.

Light gray makes people look more relaxed, so there is no sense of restraint, and it is easy to form a comfortable sense of fashion.

Rule 5.

Corduroy Yoga Pants – lazy goddess fan is mainly in bright orange.

Pay attention to neutralization in color matching and add some gray.

The material of corduroy gives people a very warm feeling and makes people feel very comfortable.

Rule 6.

Beige Yoga Pants – warm and lively.

It is common to wear black pants in spring and summer, but Beige yoga pants will give people a warm and comfortable feeling and look very advanced and fashionable.

Wear and match 1: the basic coat is matched with the cowboy coat to create a simple and frank style; Match with 9-point wide leg pants or half length pants for fresh literary style.

Collocation 2: in recent years, the very popular long skirt with black yoga pants will generally adopt the wearing style of fluffy skirt, which can cover the meat and not be cumbersome.

Collocation 3: all kinds of sweaters in autumn and winter are used to match dark coats such as navy and khaki, which can create a high-grade feeling and show warmth.

Collocation 4: the overall wearing is based on the following: Blue yoga pants, matched with color matching denim coats, and a pair of black dad shoes neutralize the basic colors of red and white, which will be more foreign.

Compared with denim items, choosing Suspenders for matching will make the vision smaller, and the needle woven material also makes the cold color matching more warm.

Collocation 5: the following set of sweater is selected to match with the color matching cowboy coat, which visually retracts the waist and shows the length of legs.

Collocation 6: many fairies will choose sweaters.

The following set is matched with color matching denim coats, which will look thin visually.

If matched with high heels, it will be warm..

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