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A yoga movement has become the key to understanding and saving patients with rhinitis

In the autumn rain and cool season, there are more people sneezing around…

Ask carefully, it’s not a cold, it’s rhinitis.

How uncomfortable rhinitis is, everyone who has had it knows! As long as rhinitis is committed, the nose runs like a faucet that can’t be turned off, and the tears are so whirling that you can’t see what’s happening half a meter away, as well as nasal congestion, sneezing and headache…

According to the data of some cities, the prevalence of allergic rhinitis is as high as 17.6%, and at least 100 million people in the country are suffering from rhinitis.

You know, when sneezing, the air velocity is close to 20 miles per hour.

What concept? A mile is about 1.6 kilometers.

In this way, sneezing is faster than electric cars.

In order to feel better during the season change, more and more people begin to “take a bath” for their nose.

Take 5 to 10 minutes to flush the nasal cavity with water, which can effectively remove the dirt and allergens in the nasal cavity, which is convenient, easy to use and safe! However, you certainly did not expect that the first person to “invent” nose washing was not a doctor, not a patient with rhinitis, but…


Nasal washing, the belief of Indians.

Indians wash their noses not because of rhinitis, but because of faith.

The first person to teach nose washing was Ayurveda, an ancient Indian traditional medicine.

In the view of ancient Indians, cleaning the nasal cavity is a method of Yoga cultivation.

It can not only make the body cleaner, but also clean the soul and make practitioners closer to God.

Yes, they just pour water into their nose with a pot! They not only wash their noses, but also clean their digestive tract, and even give themselves enemas to pursue wholehearted cleanliness.

However, they still haven’t formed the habit of washing hands before and after meals…

The definition of “clean” is really different between the ancients and contemporary people! Ancient Indians really spared no effort in their pursuit of “cleanliness”.

In addition to washing the nasal cavity with saline, they also clean the nose with cotton thread: extend the wet thin rope into the nostrils, pull it out of the mouth through the respiratory tract, and pull it back and forth…

Without rich experience and amazing willpower, I’m afraid they can’t do this action, which is more painful than a nasal endoscope without anesthetic! Perhaps it’s because it’s so uncomfortable, “cotton thread nose cleaning” soon lost its market after it spread to western countries, “salt water nose cleaning” was welcomed by yoga lovers, and more and more people began to flush their noses with water.

It is this “saline nasal cleansing” that has become a “life-saving technique” to save hundreds of millions of patients with rhinitis.

Otolaryngologists found the real role of nasal washing.

Later, otolaryngologists also found in clinical practice that flushing the nasal cavity can not only help treat sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and upper respiratory diseases, but also be good for rhinitis prevention! Physical nasal washing can help us wash away the dirt in the nasal cavity and make the nasal cilia work normally.

By washing and moistening the nasal cavity with normal saline, it can also alleviate nasal problems such as stuffy nose, runny nose and more nasal excrement.

When the nose is unobstructed, people will be comfortable.

In the enlarged schematic diagram of the inside of the nasal cavity, the dirt has been washed away ▼ moreover, the operation of “washing the nose” can be carried out by ordinary people at home, which is very convenient and safe.

In 2007, Dr.

Oz, a professor of surgery at Columbia University and a TV star, appeared on the national program Oprah show with a nose washer, creating a boom in “nose washing” in the United States.

Yahoo search data show that after the broadcast of this program, the sales of nasal washing devices on the website soared by 12325%.

However, the tragedy happened…

In 2011, two citizens in Louisiana were infected with amoeba protozoa due to nasal washing and died.

The investigation found that this was because they washed their nose with tap water, causing amoeba to enter the brain through the nasal cavity.

Therefore, remember to use sterile water or normal saline, and never wash your nose with tap water! Nose washing is addictive rapidly.

From sour to super comfortable, more and more people begin to use and recommend nose washing.

Especially now, autumn and winter are dry, which is the season of high incidence of rhinitis.

When going to the hospital, doctors will also suggest that people with rhinitis can wash their nose regularly or even every day, which can not only alleviate but also prevent the attack of rhinitis to a certain extent.

However, people who first contact nose washing always have all kinds of worries: will their nostrils be enlarged? Will the water flow down your throat? Can nose be very uncomfortable? As an old hand in nasal washing, I can tell you very responsibly that nasal washing is really cool! As long as you master the method, it is no discomfort, incomparably comfortable and extremely happy.

Open the door of the new world and re experience the feeling of smooth breathing.

It’s really cool! When we choose a nasal washer, especially when we try to wash the nose for the first time, we suggest to choose a mild electric nasal washer, which is easier to accept and start.

Let’s take a look at the novice friendly, super gentle and comfortable adult electric nose washer we selected for you.

First of all, its impact is relatively small, but it is in the form of water flow, which can not only ensure the cleaning of the nasal cavity, but also will not cause too much impact on the nose and feel uncomfortable.

It adopts a unique double pump head design, which makes the water more stable.

In addition, the impulse of the pulsed water flow is closer to the pulse frequency of normal cilia movement on the nasal mucosa, which can better clean the nasal cavity.

Two gear regulation, no matter novice or veteran, can find suitable flushing strength.

The high-grade water power is strong and can be cleaned deeper and faster; The water power of low gear is softer and more suitable for children and first-time users.

At the same time, its nozzle is arc-shaped, which can better fit our nostrils.

No matter how to adjust the angle, it can clean our nasal cavity well.

However, many people will worry that if they are in direct contact with the human body, will it be unsafe and risky? You can rest assured that the nasal washer we selected is a time-honored brand in the field of nasal washer.

You can rest assured both in terms of quality and experience.

This product brand was founded by Ketan C.

Mehta, an American doctor of medicine.

Since its establishment for more than 20 years, it has been committed to the research of safe and effective nasal flushing products suitable for human body.

It can be said that it is a very old brand and professional.

Take the nose washer we recommend this time as an example.

It is supervised by the FDA, the U.S.

Food and drug inspection agency, and its safety is guaranteed.

The accompanying nasal wash salt is also a physiological salt selected and developed.

It meets the quality standard of USP (United States Pharmacopoeia).

Its concentration and pH value are close to human body fluid.

It will not feel uncomfortable and more comfortable when washing.

Therefore, even if it is used for the first time, it will not feel exciting and difficult to operate.

It feels very comfortable.

Poke the small program and immediately place an order to buy nasal wash salt.

You can also participate in activities full of 199-10 and 299-30 ▼ friends who don’t know how to use the nasal wash can see how to use it.

(we’ll give you 30 bags of nasal wash salt, and you can buy it alone when you run out later.) the nasal wash salt (2.08g)  / Bag) pour it into a water tank containing 240 ml of purified water or purified water.

The water tank has its own scale.

Add water according to the scale.

(one bag of nasal wash salt at a time) shake well.

After the nasal wash salt is fully dissolved, you can long press the switch to start cleaning.

It is recommended that a nasal cavity of 120ml normal saline is about the same.

Warm tips on nasal salt: nasal salt is recommended to be dissolved in distilled water or boiled in cold water, which is cleaner and hygienic.

It is recommended to use a special nasal salt, combined with a certain amount of water, to prepare normal saline.

Never use household salt, because household salt contains more impurities, which may cause secondary infection, and the ratio concentration is difficult to control.

If you also have a stuffy nose, dry nose, a lot of excrement and runny nose, and your nose is hard to explode, it is really strongly recommended that you try this nose washer..

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