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Yoga shoulder opening, often neglected shoulder extensor latissimus dorsi, is actually very important!

When practicing yoga, we will pay more attention to the training of pectoralis minor muscle, trapezius muscle, rhomboid muscle and other muscle groups.

However, we seldom pay attention to the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is very important for shoulder extension.

In fact, latissimus dorsi seems to cover most of the back, but because its stop is on the small tubercle ridge of the humerus of the shoulder joint, its every move has a great impact on the shoulder joint.

If the latissimus dorsi muscle is stiff, tense and weak, it will not only limit the extension of the shoulder joint, but also make it difficult to extend the arm backward.

For example, in the common Yoga locust style, it is difficult to lift the arm backward and upward.

Moreover, it will also lead to limited arm lifting, especially when the arm is lifted up about 150 degrees, the shoulder joint is stuck, or the ribs are prominent when the arm is raised too high, which is likely to be the problem of latissimus dorsi muscle.

Therefore, when practicing yoga, you must not ignore the very important shoulder extension muscle, latissimus dorsi, which grows behind your back! 6 simple yoga moves stretch & strengthen the latissimus dorsi to make your yoga shoulder opening more effective.

1: stand in mountain style, lift your hands up over your head and exhale, bend your right arm down, put your right hand in the middle of the spine, hold your right elbow close to your ears with your left hand, and keep 5-8 breaths.

2: sit on a chair and exhale with your hands crossed on the back of your head, Twist the body to the right and keep 5-8 breaths.

Change the other side.

This action can well stretch the latissimus dorsi.

Action 3: stand, open both feet the same width as the hip, hold the hands behind the body, exhale, lift the arms backward and upward, inhale again, extend the spine, exhale, slightly bend the knees, bend forward and downward, and keep the arms backward and upward again.

Action 4: lie prone on the cushion surface, Put your hands on both sides of your body, with palms facing down, your feet close together, exhale, lift your legs back and up, and raise your head at the same time.

Keep your arms back and up, palms facing each other, and maintain 5-8 breathing movements.

5: kneel and stand on the cushion surface, stretch your arms back, clamp bricks with your hands, extend your spine, open your chest in the neutral position, and maintain 5-8 breathing.

Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

6: sit and stand on the cushion surface, Bend your knees close to your hips, open your feet the same width as your hips, lean your torso back slightly, put your hands on the back of your body, exhale with your fingertips forward, lift your hips up, open your groin arms, keep your legs perpendicular to the ground for 5-8 breaths ▼ teacher wechat ▼▼ select yoga products in the lower left corner of the recommended points for good lessons and good things in the near future..

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