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Nanchang “ah! Yoga” is suspected of fraud!

Now many people choose yoga as a way to relax outside of work.

There are more and more yoga halls in Nanchang.

Recently, Ms.

Luo in Nanchang complained that “ah! Yoga” in Honggutan Lianfa square cheated consumers.

What happened? Complaint commitment “lowest price” within three years    After February, it was found that there was “lower price”.

In late July, Ms.

Luo and her colleague Ms.

Xiao bought the annual card course in “ah! Yoga”.

When the yoga studio was not opened, it launched the activity of prepaying 100 yuan to deduct 2000 yuan in the form of promotion.

At the same time, the merchant promised that the annual card price was the lowest price for courses purchased in three years.

Therefore, after prepaying 100 yuan, Ms.

Luo and Ms.

Xiao, Spent 4980 yuan to buy the original 6980 yuan annual card course.

In early September, after the formal opening of the yoga hall, the banner “the founding member of the opening activity is the lowest price in three years.

If it is found that the card price is lower than this card in the later stage, it will be returned ten times”.


Luo had a good experience after several classes in the yoga hall.

However, unexpectedly, at the end of September, when another colleague of Ms.

Luo applied for the annual card in the yoga studio, the salesperson of the store promised to buy the annual card course for only 3300 yuan.

In order to offset the performance at the end of the month, the annual card is only 3300 yuan.

Isn’t the lowest price promised before cheating consumers? I went to the store to ask for a statement, but it was not resolved.

The store manager spoke very unfriendly and didn’t have an attitude to solve the problem at all.

Since he broke the contract, he should apologize instead of shirking responsibility.

” Ms.

Luo said.

On the afternoon of October 12, the staff of Shajing branch of Nanchang market supervision administration invited Ms.

Luo and Ms.

Xiao and the person in charge of the yoga studio to Shajing branch for on-site mediation.

The person in charge of the yoga studio explained that 3300 yuan is the price for purchasing the annual card course.

As long as 168 yuan is prepaid, 1680 yuan can be sent.

This 1680 yuan includes 1000 yuan of private teaching fee and 680 yuan of membership fee.

After deducting 1680 yuan from the annual card course with the original price of 4980 yuan, it only needs 3300 yuan.


Luo previously handled a secondary card.

A course of 4980 yuan can take 100 courses.

The courses they bought themselves are different courses, and there is no act of cheating consumers.

However, the reporter can clearly see from Ms.

Luo’s class purchase contract that “prepaid annual card” and “100 time card” are written in the column of purchase card type.

Is it an annual card or a time card? The person in charge of the yoga studio said that this should be because the salesperson made an error when filling in the course purchase contract, resulting in Ms.

Luo confusing the card categories and being willing to bear the corresponding responsibility.

After the mediation of the staff of Shajing branch, the two sides finally reached an agreement that the person in charge of the yoga center is willing to refund the annual card fee of 4980 yuan and the prepayment fee of 100 yuan, totaling 5080 yuan, which will be paid before the end of October.

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