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Elegant and low-key yoga pants have various styles, are comfortable and durable, and are full of domineering

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                     The matching of yoga pants has always been recognized as difficult to understand.

It is a pity that there is no yoga pants that can be seen every winter.

Whether it’s over knee yoga pants or below knee yoga pants, they are very picky, especially for thick legged stars.

It’s easy for girls with thin upper body to get good results, but girls with fat lower body will look even fatter.

Today, I’ll show you how people who are fat in the lower body can visually make the upper body thin through wearing and matching, which helps you find clothes suitable for you.


In the article about the slim yoga pants, I talked about a wearing rule.

Girls with thick legs or wide hips should not choose too loose skirts, but should choose slim skirts, especially those with knitted fabrics, which are very suitable for girls with thin upper body and can play the effect of thin waist visually.

The above yoga pants are very thin.

The girls with thin upper body must look very good.

The girls with more meat on the upper body choose loose straight tube type, which can well cover the meat.

The upper body is very thin, and the fatter sister in the lower body must lift the waist line, otherwise the whole person will be very broad visually.

As long as the waist line is raised, this skirt can also play a thin effect.


Pleated skirt + pencil pants / pencil shorts wear a skirt with a length below the calf.

We usually don’t have any pressure.

The key is that girls with thin upper body are particularly thin, while girls with fat upper body look particularly fat.

This kind of skirt can not only cover the meat, but also show thin.

The above wide leg pants are very suitable for winter.

Whether it is dark or light, they are very suitable for matching with a skirt.

You can just wear a sweater outside.

When slightly fat girls wear slim yoga pants, they’d better match them.

After all, we want to be thin.

The thin upper body and the fat lower body have become the biggest problem.

The matching of the lower body should also be visually thin.


Loose pants, as a meat hiding artifact, play an infinite role in slightly fat girls.

For this kind of loose pants, we must choose the pants whose legs hang down naturally, which looks thin and neat.

If the girls with fat lower body wear them, they will not be fat, but they will feel small and sexy.

Our pants are straight pants, because a girl with a thin upper body can lose her lower body, which is much better than a girl with a fat upper body.

Dark and loose pants like this can be matched with many different tops, but what I want to say is that for a fat girl, pay attention to keep the pants in the clothes, so that you will look more stable.

For a slightly fat girl, don’t wear pants with too small hem, otherwise she will look fatter.


In addition to loose yoga pants, high waist pants are also very friendly and slim for girls with thin upper body.

A large area of high waist pants can easily cover the defects in the body.

With a slim knit shirt, the fat sister looks very good, and the whole person looks much better…

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