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Exquisite and fashionable yoga pants are matched with charming and elegant texture to show beautiful temperament and fashion maturity

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Note: the source of pictures and texts is the network, which is invaded and deleted                                                          Exquisite and fashionable yoga pants are matched with charming and elegant texture to show beautiful temperament and fashion maturity.

The matching of yoga pants is also very important, but which clothes are matched with skirts? Today, Xiaobian summarized some matching methods for you.

You can match them according to your preferences.

Here are the specific matching and sharing.

Matching principle of Yoga Pants: black and white bottoms are mostly black or white, which helps quiet women look exquisite.

Even with colored yoga pants, you don’t have to use too many bright colors.

It’s OK to focus on black and white.

Because there is no saying in the West that small people don’t wear hats and few clothes don’t match shoes.

In our east, at least I think, clothes don’t need to have too many colors.

But if the skirt is longer, it is recommended to decorate it with other clothes.

Of course, if the clothes are not too long, they can still match the suit and coat.

Two clothes with a skirt can be made up by decorating the upper body with a short sweater or a cowboy coat.

Two sweaters with a skirt, the most important thing is to decorate the body part of the sweater, if the upper body part is relatively loose, you can put on a windbreaker or sweater.

But be careful that the edge of the coat is not covered by the skirt, and a little corner needs to be exposed.

The two clothes only have half skirts and are very short yoga pants.

If the lower body is just an ordinary coat or knitted clothes, the upper body is still not recommended to match with a long coat.

We should choose a longer and lighter coat to match with the skirt.

If the color is too dark, it will form a dull feeling with a long coat.

In fact, in addition to the matching of skirts, what are the precautions? 1、 Do not let the shape, material, decor and style of “ill fitting” Yoga Pants affect the lines of clothes.

For example, some belt yoga pants are too tight.

Yoga Pants skirt width and depth are insufficient.

The length is short.

Too complicated small design, and lace perspective is not easy to control.

Too high street style, too many lattice cuffs…

People often make some mistakes when choosing yoga pants, which should be avoided as much as possible, such as lace design and large color design.

Among many yoga pants, it’s best to choose conservative ones with natural color and simple style.

In terms of style, material and color, it can reduce the pressure and directly make the choice a period of confusion.

Don’t buy Yoga Pants with too cumbersome design.

They are fashionable and are afraid of not falling behind.

2、 Don’t spend too much on the fabric.

Many small lace corners on the fabric increase the complexity of the whole.

Therefore, it is easy to be fancy.

The inside of the skirt must be conservative.

3、 There are many and small flowers matching the shoulder.

Put it outside the clothes to form this tacky and colorful yoga pants.

Match it with simple flowers in the elegant moment, which can not only reflect the delicacy of the matching, but also the texture of the high street.

This choice needs your matching skills.

4、 It’s better not to match the stripes with the colorful yoga pants.

The stripes are relatively flat, the saturation is low, the sense of fashion is not enough, and the geometric pattern is not recommended.

Once the matching is not good, there will be a rustic feeling.

The yoga pants can try to design like grass flower embroidery lines…

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