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Fuyang recruitment | Ning Yoga recruitment (Overtime subsidy, monthly income of 3000-9000 +)

Fuyang recruitment collects Fuyang recruitment information, including Fuyang talent network, Fuyang job fair, Fuyang recruitment network, Fuyang excellent enterprises, institutions, shops, groups and other high-quality jobs and recruitment information, Fuyang job search and Fuyang part-time information platform! Warm tips: because there are many online fraud phenomena and various tricks, it is illegal for employers to charge job seekers in any name! Please be vigilant! Beware of being cheated! When you go to a job interview or work in a certain place, you’d better tell your relatives and friends where to go, so that you can apply for the interview safely.

I wish you all a good job! Adhering to the teaching philosophy of “mindfulness spreads yoga and makes millions of people physically and mentally healthy”, the company has a professional yoga coach training school, which has served thousands of Yoga members and trained thousands of Yoga coaches with good conduct and excellent technology with mindfulness teaching methods and rigorous teaching attitude, which is deeply trusted and supported by the majority of Yoga lovers.

Recruitment position 1.

Sales Manager 4-9k / month 1.

Have marketing experience / 2.

Be able to bear hardships and stand hard work 2.

Salesperson 2-4k / month takes one day off and goes to work on Saturday and Sunday.

One month is equivalent to 19 day shift base salary 1900 + 2 points Commission.

The base salary increases by 200 per month for each full year.

After working for three years, the working hours of 2000 education fund are 8:30 a.m.

and 9:30 p.m.

3 Sales Consultant 3-8k / month has marketing experience and can bear hardships and stand hard work.


Sales operation 3-8k / month Yoga consultant 10 salary and welfare benefits are negotiable.

The company operates professionally and has the ability to become a partner.


Cleaning aunt 2-3K / Yuening Yoga recruits cleaning personnel.

Salary is negotiable.

Experience is preferred! Welfare benefits overtime allowance   Contact address: Room 301, A19 building, Jiayuan commercial street, Nong Fung Road, Linquan County, Fuyang, Anhui Province, China: contact 18355439588: Note: please contact the official account of “recruitment in Fuyang” when contacting the applicant.

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