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20 interesting and fun yoga poses, which can not only exercise, but also play mobile phones!

I want to practice yoga; Playing mobile phone is also what I want.

Now I can take both into account.

The next time you want to play mobile phone and practice yoga, you might as well try these 20 yoga poses to make you happy to play mobile phone and practice yoga at the same time.

(supine shell type) (one horse type) (wide-angle type) (sleeping swan type) (wild type) (supine beam angle type) (supine right angle type) (sitting position single leg back flexion type) (full locust type) (flat support type) (phantom chair type) (running type) (standing forward flexion and back extension type) (full lotus sitting) (shoulder bridge type) (crescent type) (high bow type) (warrior type 3) (walking stick type) (boat type) although you are playing with your mobile phone, you can’t practice your posture at will, The exercise perception of each pose should not be less, otherwise it will be really lazy.

The advantage of playing mobile phone in yoga practice is that you can use mobile phone to disperse the pain of muscles, help relieve fatigue and make your practice deeper.

It is said that mobile phone is the biggest obstacle to practicing yoga.

If you overcome it in this way, it will be interesting.

Maybe you can develop a new genre of playing mobile phone and practicing yoga.

No wonder netizens say: “this is the special yoga mode of mobile phone”, and now you are looking at your mobile phone.

Do you want to try another way to open it!..

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